Done and done
Sat Dec 9, 2017 12:26

It wasn’t that Connor particularly minded Claudia having her own plans for that evening - their relationship had an implicit understanding of their differences as well as their similarities. It was one of the reasons that the pair of third-years tended to schedule their meetings, rather than impromptu activities. Of course, they did still see each other in class and the library and such, but there were specifically laid out times for specific activities, and that made perfect sense to Connor. Therefore, that Claudia had determined something else to do with her time outside one of their scheduled meetings was absolutely fine. However, Connor truly could not understand why Claudia would choose to continue spending her time with Marley after the conversation they had just had, and the trouble their yearmate tried to (and continued to) cause!

He oughtn’t say anything, though. Upsetting Claudia further was something that he absolutely did not want to do, and a further attack on Marley would probably upset her. While with any other person, Connor would understand the interest in clearing things up and making amends, he simply could not grasp why Claudia would attempt to do so with someone who had so blatantly invented things and interfered in a standing arrangement. Perhaps it was an act of charity. Connor hadn’t really paid attention to Marley outside of his urge to avoid her at all costs; it was likely the girl had very few friends. Or perhaps Claudia was attempting to help Marley act like a civilized person.

That was probably it. Claudia was such a kind-hearted person that Connor was sure she would pick up even a hopeless case like Marley Chapman.

“Of course,” Connor smiled at Claudia instead of raising a fuss about the reason they were moving their dinner to the next day. “I shall look forward to it.”

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    When Connor agreed to pretend as those this whole nightmare had never occurred, Claudia sighed again in relief, and finally managed to compose herself to as close to normality as she could muster.... more
    • Done and done - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:26
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