You’re lucky there isn’t punchology
Sat Dec 9, 2017 14:32

Connor looked confused, which was about how Drew felt. It seemed sort of unfair for Connor to get to be confused now when he was the whole reason the conversation had gotten weird and confusing. Drew answered him quickly. “Aaron has been teaching for ages, he’s super qualified. He taught at RMI a long time ago, and also at some other magic schools, and at a Muggle school, so he’s like, way more qualified than a lot of the professors.” Like Cindra, but Drew wasn’t going to throw his aunt under the broomstick by pointing out that she didn’t really have an education background. Drew didn’t know a lot about the hiring process for RMI but he was pretty sure the alumni hires, Rob and Cindra, weren’t trained to be teachers, they were both just really good at their subjects. Which sort of explained why their lessons were the way that they were.

He really didn’t get the next thing Connor had said, but Drew responded to it anyway. “And not that it has anything to do with being a teacher, but my dad and Aaron are married,” Drew said. He thought that was none of Connor’s business, but since the older boy had made an issue of it Drew had to point that out. He wasn’t sure it was common knowledge with the students that Dad and Aaron had gotten married last year, but like, they wore their wedding rings now, so it wasn’t like it was a secret.

And what did being married have to do with being a teacher? Drew knew for a fact Cindra wasn’t married, and he was pretty sure that Professor Eva, Professor Boot (Drew did not want to ever meet the kind of person who would marry Professor Boot), Professor Taylor, and Kaz weren’t married—or if they were, then their spouses didn’t live at RMI with them. Ms. Eunice wasn’t married either, although she was the groundskeeper and didn’t work with the students very much.

Maybe Connor thought that you needed to have kids to be a good teacher? But that was stupid because first of all, even some of the married staff didn’t have kids, and second of all, Aaron had kids. Not just Drew and Madeleine, who were his stepkids and technically his grandkids too, but also Jessie and her sister Cara, even if they didn’t see Cara much. Plus Cindra had a kid and Drew was pretty sure Ruby had nothing to do with how she was as a teacher, except maybe that the fact that she had named her daughter Rhubarb was pretty consistent with her teaching style.

Lifestyle choices. Something clicked into place in Drew’s mind. “Wait, are you just saying that ‘cause they’re gay?” Drew asked, staring at Connor with a furrowed brow. He didn’t mince words. “That’s really messed up of you. Why do you think gay people can’t be teachers?”

  • As opposed to your usual punology - Connor, Sat Dec 9 13:39
    It seemed like Drew was confused about what was going on, which in turn confused Connor. What could possibly be unclear about what he just said? Connor was an extremely direct person; he always said... more
    • You’re lucky there isn’t punchology - Drew, Sat Dec 9 14:32
      • Yeah my reflex-ology isn't great - Connor, Sat Dec 16 13:49
        If Connor had thought he was confused before, he had clearly underestimated the situation because now Drew was talking about how Professor McKindy had taught at a bunch of other schools. Was he... more
        • But your rudenessology is spot on - Drew, Sun Dec 17 11:09
          Connor had decided to be condescending to Drew, which the first-year decided he really didn’t like at all. The older student was just making things up! That was really dumb and rude. “You don’t even... more
          • At least I've got something going for me - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:27
            Families were confusing because Connor knew how they were supposed to go, and he was pretty sure that most of his family’s problems were related to not having a family the way they were supposed to... more
            • I wouldn’t count on that - Drew, Sat Dec 30 19:53
              Connor was wrong and stupid and Drew wasn’t good enough at arguing to tell him why. “Your dad is supposed to be a role model for you,” he said, to start with. All fathers were in a position to be... more
              • Count me out - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:22
                Connor flushed a dark, angry red. He knew Marley was bad. He knew Marley was very bad, and quite honestly he didn’t know how Claudia could deal with her but what this conversation with Drew was... more
                • Down and out? - Drew, Tue Jan 2 22:04
                  There were a couple of seconds before Drew really processed what Connor had said. Then Drew clenched his fists. No one had ever actually said it about his family before as far as Drew could remember, ... more
                  • Not down for the count - Connor, Tue Jan 2 22:27
                    Drew decided, apparently, that it was a good idea to fully demonstrate just how awful he was because not only did Drew choose to use an absolutely rude word towards Connor, but he also bludgeoned... more
                    • I think I can change that - Drew, Tue Jan 2 22:50
                      Drew was almost at the stairs. He was hoping that the stairs wouldn’t screw up today and mess up his exit. They had messed up a few times for Dade lately. The older boy would go up the stairs to the... more
                      • Nobody is changing anything - Professor Aaron McKindy, Wed Jan 3 07:45
                        Over the years, Aaron McKindy had stopped assigning much homework. He had been teaching for - well, he had been teaching for long enough that he didn’t want to think about how long he had been... more
                        • I don't think I like change - Connor, Wed Jan 3 08:08
                          It was about three seconds between the words leaving Connor’s mouth and Drew practically running toward him to hit him. At first, Connor was shocked. He had never actually been hit before, not like... more
                          • It’s not that bad - Drew, Wed Jan 3 09:50
                            On the upside, Drew was able to punch Connor for longer than he thought he was going to be able to. He had only meant to hit him once, but then he had realized that Connor might hit back if he had... more
                            • Only if it's change for the better - Professor McKindy, Wed Jan 3 11:31
                              Aaron wasn’t exactly sure what he had been expecting when he asked the boys what had happened, but he was pretty sure that it was on the level of what Connor had said. Well, not directly - Drew... more
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