Alistair Hazelhurst
I think I'm a Draco but I'm not
Thu Dec 28, 2017 07:34

Alistair sighed contentedly as he fell into a chair in the Draco common room. He was feeling rather tired, even after the midterm break, and while he was excited for classes to start, something was still missing. His mom had been checked back into a mental hospital after her brief stint at his grandparents. She had seemed almost like her old self during Christmas, but it was almost too forced to be natural. He remembered a moment when he and his cousins were talking by his grandparents fireplace, and he heard angry whispers from the dining room. They had been muttering about a letter that his grandfather had received from someone named Kaiser.

He knew that his mother had been adamant that this man was "the key to finding out where he is". Al wasn't sure who this person they were talking about was, but he had a nagging feeling that this someone might be his father. Part of him longed to know who his father was, besides this whispered figure that was discussed by his mother and grandparents. Perhaps this Kaiser really did know where his father was.

He jumped, as someone bumped into the cushy chair he was sitting in. He turned and saw another student standing by the chair. "Sorry if I looked like I was dozing off, would you like this chair?"

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