Professor Aaron McKindy
Nobody is changing anything
Wed Jan 3, 2018 07:45

Over the years, Aaron McKindy had stopped assigning much homework. He had been teaching for - well, he had been teaching for long enough that he didn’t want to think about how long he had been teaching. It hadn’t been something that he had expected would turn into a career, but somehow his one-off application to teach at a magical school had resulted in him teaching at two magical schools and a magical university, over the years. And the thing that he had learned the quickest was that students actually didn’t benefit from an excessive amount of homework. Well, no. The thing he had learned the quickest was how to deal with overenthusiastic students who were at risk of blowing up the classroom. But after that it had been the homework thing.

Consequently, he was not sitting in his office grading papers when Huburt Park came rushing in without knocking. He was sitting on the small, dark purple couch in the back corner of his office, reading a book. Circe was curled up next to him, tail twitching sometimes in her sleep.

“DrewishittingConnorbecauseConnorcalledhimnames,” Huburt said very quickly. Aaron blinked and stood up. He wasn’t wearing robes, just jeans and one of the t-shirts that Garen had bought him at some point. Aaron’s husband had claimed more than once that Aaron only owned three t-shirts, which was patently untrue, but had resulted in the gift of more t-shirts, which Aaron shuffled into his rotation. This shirt was black, with a phoenix blazing on one shoulder, trailing fire over the front of the shirt. It was his second favorite shirt, just behind the one with the dragon slithering all over it and just ahead of the one of the night sky with twinkling constellations.

“Calm down,” Aaron said, using his calmest tone of voice. “Take a deep breath. Then tell me what’s wrong.”

“Drew is hitting Connor because Connor called him names,” Huburt repeated, still rushed and tripping over his words a little bit, but understandable.


“Right. Thanks, Huburt.” the professor said, standing up quickly and picking up his wand from the side table he had placed it on. Aaron stuck it in his back pocket, just in case, and strode hurriedly over to the door. Although to be fair, that was somewhat warranted at the moment.

As soon as Aaron stepped into the Commons, he could see Drew and Connor. Swearing mentally, Aaron pulled out his wand and jabbed it at the two boys. They were immediately torn apart and lifted up off the floor, about three feet apart. Making sure that his expression was stern rather than concerned (Aaron was three thousand percent sure that Drew would not have started a fight without a very good reason), he walked over to them, keeping his wand out.

“What exactly,” he said, “is going on?”

  • I think I can change that - Drew, Tue Jan 2 22:50
    Drew was almost at the stairs. He was hoping that the stairs wouldn’t screw up today and mess up his exit. They had messed up a few times for Dade lately. The older boy would go up the stairs to the... more
    • Nobody is changing anything - Professor Aaron McKindy, Wed Jan 3 07:45
      • I don't think I like change - Connor, Wed Jan 3 08:08
        It was about three seconds between the words leaving Connor’s mouth and Drew practically running toward him to hit him. At first, Connor was shocked. He had never actually been hit before, not like... more
        • It’s not that bad - Drew, Wed Jan 3 09:50
          On the upside, Drew was able to punch Connor for longer than he thought he was going to be able to. He had only meant to hit him once, but then he had realized that Connor might hit back if he had... more
          • Only if it's change for the better - Professor McKindy, Wed Jan 3 11:31
            Aaron wasn’t exactly sure what he had been expecting when he asked the boys what had happened, but he was pretty sure that it was on the level of what Connor had said. Well, not directly - Drew... more
            • This was definitely not for the better - Connor, Wed Jan 3 11:58
              Connor was still crying a little bit but he was no longer actively being punched, so his tears were starting to subside, although his sniffling wasn’t. He was embarrassed to be crying in front of the ... more
              • “Better” is subjective - Drew, Wed Jan 3 12:31
                Drew did not land super gracefully when Aaron let the spell down, but after a stumble he regained his footing and obediently went to Aaron’s office. Okay so this wasn’t going great , but things could ... more
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