Professor McKindy
Only if it's change for the better
Wed Jan 3, 2018 11:31

Aaron wasn’t exactly sure what he had been expecting when he asked the boys what had happened, but he was pretty sure that it was on the level of what Connor had said. Well, not directly - Drew wasn’t typically described as a ‘psycho’. But he was expecting them to both provide differing points of view. He was expecting to have to mediate between the two of them, probably eventually letting them back down to the ground and calling them into his office so this wasn’t happening in front of the entire commonroom. Drew had absolutely never done anything like this before, but Aaron was equally confident that Connor Farnon was incapable of starting a physical fight, an opinion that he thought was validated by the tears currently streaming down Connor’s face and the vaguely pathetic sniffles coming from him.

What Aaron was not expecting was to hear those particular words coming out of Drew’s mouth.

It took him a minute to stop his brain from reeling on that one. There were a lot of emotions involved in that one; it wasn’t the first time Aaron had been referred to with that particular word, but he was pretty sure it was the first time Drew had heard it. The more pressing issue was the word that Connor had used in reference to Drew. Aaron was absolutely sure Drew had never actually heard that particular word before. He and Garen had given Drew talks about prejudice and bigotry, and they had explained that there were words that you didn’t use to describe people. There were things they had talked through with Drew that they would have preferred to not have to do - how to keep safe around law enforcement, for example. But as far as Aaron knew, Drew didn’t have much first-hand experience with this sort of thing.

In Aaron’s personal opinion, if what Drew was saying was true (and there was no real reason to think it wasn’t), he had been absolutely justified in punching Connor. He had maybe gone a little overboard on the punching thing, but it was justified. And there was a not-so-small part of Aaron that was proud of Drew for standing up for himself like that. But regardless of Aaron’s personal opinions, he was going to have to punish both of them. Brawling in the commonroom was, while not explicitly against the rules, definitely frowned upon. The frowning usually took the form of an in-school suspension.

Releasing the boys from the spell, Aaron tucked his wand into his back pocket again. “Both of you in my office immediately,” he said crisply, leading the way and holding the door open for both of them. Once they were all in the office, Aaron shut the door and walked behind his desk. There were two chairs in front of his desk for Drew and Connor to sit at. Aaron leaned back in his chair.

“At RMI we do not condone violence under any circumstances,” Aaron said sternly. “And we absolutely do not condone that kind of language, Connor. I’m docking thirty points from Cetus each, and you are both going to receive in-school suspension for the next two days. Connor, you will be serving your suspension under Professor Blair, who I am sure will be more than willing to further your education on why we do not use racial slurs.” He looked at the boys in front of him. He wanted to hug Drew, but he definitely had to wait until Connor was gone to do that. “Do you two understand me?”

  • It’s not that bad - Drew, Wed Jan 3 09:50
    On the upside, Drew was able to punch Connor for longer than he thought he was going to be able to. He had only meant to hit him once, but then he had realized that Connor might hit back if he had... more
    • Only if it's change for the better - Professor McKindy, Wed Jan 3 11:31
      • This was definitely not for the better - Connor, Wed Jan 3 11:58
        Connor was still crying a little bit but he was no longer actively being punched, so his tears were starting to subside, although his sniffling wasn’t. He was embarrassed to be crying in front of the ... more
        • “Better” is subjective - Drew, Wed Jan 3 12:31
          Drew did not land super gracefully when Aaron let the spell down, but after a stumble he regained his footing and obediently went to Aaron’s office. Okay so this wasn’t going great , but things could ... more
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