“Better” is subjective
Wed Jan 3, 2018 12:31

Drew did not land super gracefully when Aaron let the spell down, but after a stumble he regained his footing and obediently went to Aaron’s office. Okay so this wasn’t going great, but things could be worse. Connor had barely hit him at all and Drew had been totally justified.

Why was Connor still crying? It wasn’t that bad. Drew had never been in a fight before but, like, wait that was exactly his point. He couldn’t have hurt Connor too bad because Drew had never been in a fight. The only thing he knew about how to fight was that you needed to keep your thumb on the outside of your fist to punch, or else you might break your thumb when you punched someone. Aunt Cosette had taught him that so that was how he had punched Connor. There was some other stuff Aunt Cosette had taught him too, but he hadn’t really been thinking all that much about the other rules when the punching had been going on. His brain was mostly busy with the punching then.

Drew sat down in one of the Aaron’s office chairs. On the one hand he didn’t want to be in trouble, but he had punched Connor kind of a lot of times and you couldn’t just go around punching people and not getting in any trouble for it, even if you were right. But he also thought that Connor using those words was worse than punching, especially the second one, so it didn’t seem fair that they were going to get the same punishment. Thirty points each was a lot and in-school suspension was a huge bummer.

Aaron had specified that Connor was going to have to do his suspension with Professor Blair, which Drew was pretty sure meant that Drew could do his suspension with someone else. Maybe Aaron was just going to have Drew be suspended with Aunt Cindra (Drew didn’t know her very well but she didn’t seem like she’d be too harsh, and maybe he would get to have a closer look at some of the cool creatures she brought in for some of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes) or with Professor Rob. Drew had chosen Rob to be his advisor, because even though Drew wasn’t especially good at potions, Rob was fun and Drew would rather have him than pretty much anyone else. If Rob knew why Drew had gotten an in-school suspension, then he probably wouldn’t make Drew do anything too awful during the suspension either. Or maybe Aaron was extra disappointed that Drew had been fighting and he would make Drew’s suspension with someone worse than Professor Blair, like Professor Boot. It could really go either way.

But Drew didn’t think that the complaining thing would go well for Connor, so Drew kept his mouth shut, even though he really wanted to point out that he was getting suspended too. He didn’t even point out that Connor was lying. Drew hadn’t punched him out of nowhere. Drew had been really clear about the origin of the punching: he had punched Connor out of anger because Connor had called him a bad word.

“I understand, Professor McKindy,” he said to Aaron, because it was the thing that would probably be the least amount of trouble. He never called Aaron “Professor McKindy” but it seemed like something he should do right now. Arguing with Connor didn’t seem like something he should do right now, but it was really hard not to say anything. “It is too fair,” Drew mutter, not really to the other people in the room with him. This time he didn’t make eye contact with Aaron, but he didn’t want to look at Connor either so he just looked at the galaxy paperweight on Aaron’s desk. “I know I shouldn’t have hit Connor, but he called me a really bad word.”

  • This was definitely not for the better - Connor, Wed Jan 3 11:58
    Connor was still crying a little bit but he was no longer actively being punched, so his tears were starting to subside, although his sniffling wasn’t. He was embarrassed to be crying in front of the ... more
    • “Better” is subjective - Drew, Wed Jan 3 12:31
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