This isn't how this usually goes
Thu Feb 22, 2018 06:48

“So logically that’s not how the spell progression would go, obviously, but you shouldn’t be doing that to begin with because - AH!”

Dade turned around. Huburt had been trailing him since dinner, rambling on about a book that he had found Dade reading in the library. It wasn’t a particularly questionable book - well, by Dade’s terms, anyway. Considering how much time he spent doing questionable things nowadays, though, his was not necessarily the mainstream definition. He and Remy had already gotten up to enough trouble the previous years learning on their own, but now they had an older student involved, and Drew (who had learned some really nasty things from Professor McKindy, Dade was impressed). Their learning had definitely increased, although the nature of their learning had kind of changed from curious exploration to pointed training. Dade was fine with that.

But having turned around, Dade realized that Huburt was no longer there - and the magical hole in the staircase he was used to falling down was closing behind him. Well that was a first.

The past year or so, the third-year had been having sporadic problems with the staircase to the boys’ dorm not liking him. Headmaster Morgan seemed to care about it more than Headmaster Bonilla had, and not in a good way. He seemed to be convinced that Dade was trying to get into the girls’ dorm for whatever reason, which was not the case. He wasn’t even friends with any girls in Cetus. He was barely friends with anyone in Cetus. Why would he try to sneak into the girls dorms? This was the first time Dade had seen anyone else dropped into the Headmaster’s Office by going up the right staircase. He smiled smugly. He had known there was something wrong.

Looking down, Dade saw someone about to step on to the staircase. Feeling charitable, the dark-haired boy called down “Hey, be careful. The stairs just ate Huburt.”

  • Up to a little mischief - Stairs to the Dorms, Thu Feb 22 06:21
    There was a brief moment in the middle of the afternoon when every single student had been out of their dormitory rooms. Maybe some of them were in classes, or Quidditch practice, theatre rehearsals, ... more
    • The good Samaritan [Russell] - Maverick Buchannan, Sat Feb 24 13:38
      Maverick Buchannan was having what could only be called the greatest evening he’d ever had at RMI. He had found a comfortable position on an armchair directed to face the staircases that led up to... more
      • What have I done to deserve this? - Russell Drew, Mon Feb 26 20:27
        Reflecting on his private lesson with Professor McKindy earlier today, Russell decided that hadn't gone too awfully. He was feeling relatively confident (read: very confident, by his standards, and... more
        • You're just the Chosen One I guess. - Maverick, Sat Mar 3 16:52
          Mave kept grinning for a moment until he realized how incredibly atypical of him that would seem. Atypical things seemed like they would freak Russell out. So he forced his face a little less... more
          • That sounds like a big responsibility - Russell, Tue Mar 6 23:10
            Russell let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding in. He couldn't say that he had been expecting Maverick to turn down the request - for whatever baffling reason, they were friends and... more
    • This isn't how this usually goes - Dade, Thu Feb 22 06:48
      • Are you complaining? - Andrew Tennant, Fri Feb 23 15:03
        Drew had decided that he was going to be a journalist. His thought about asking the house-elves about whether they really liked working had turned into an interview series where he did spotlights on... more
        • Absolutely not - Dade, Sat Feb 24 10:54
          Overall, Dade was much more likely to warn Drew about something than he was to warn anyone else in Cetus about something, including his own brother. Since the incident last year Dade had eventually... more
          • Then don’t worry, be happy - Drew, Sat Feb 24 11:23
            Drew shook his head. “No, it’s never happened to me. Or,” and then he didn’t keep talking for a second, because the thing that came after ‘or’ was ‘or anyone else as far as I know,’ and he didn’t... more
            • Now I'm just thinking of singing fish - Dade, Sat Feb 24 12:39
              “I’m not a girl,” Dade said defensively and automatically as soon as Drew voiced the thought. He felt uncomfortable and for a moment his mind flashed back to the gift Holland had given him, pushed to ... more
              • The fluke is the duke of soul - Drew, Sat Feb 24 13:27
                “Dude, I know you’re not a girl,” Drew said, reassuringly and not like they were disagreeing, because they weren’t. He felt like Dade was kind of missing the point, and getting upset about it, which... more
                • Crabs aren't fish - Dade, Sun Feb 25 19:46
                  Once Drew started laughing, Dade couldn’t conceal his own laughter. This was hilarious . Dade never could have thought of doing something like this to Connor. He had thought about hexing his brother... more
                  • Fish are friends, not food - Drew, Tue Feb 27 11:40
                    Drew was three hundred percent sure that he had never seen Dade laugh this hard. Actually he was pretty sure that he had never seen Dade express any emotion beside annoyance this hard before. It made ... more
                    • When Drew mentioned Maverick, Dade wrinkled his nose. He didn’t know how to feel about Maverick, because he was technically like Holland in that he could go up both sides of the stairs and in that he ... more
                      • Are crustaceans friends too? - Drew, Sat Mar 3 13:31
                        “Yeah, it’s weird.” Drew didn’t think the school could do anything, like, mean to the students. That was way too much power for the building to have, especially if it could just decide that it wasn’t ... more
                        • Only if we can eat our friends - Dade, Sat Mar 3 15:54
                          Huh. Dade hadn’t known that the staff quarters just made new rooms when they were needed. There was technically an Age Line around the elevator, which was a spell, but if Drew said the elevator... more
                          • Cannibalism is frowned upon - Drew, Sat Mar 3 17:04
                            Okay well now Dade sounded kind of mad and that wasn’t what Drew had wanted, like, at all. He felt like Dade had maybe proved the opposite of the point he was trying to make, though. Playing dress-up ... more
                            • Only in most societies - Dade, Sun Mar 4 10:35
                              Dade felt several different kinds of weird and he didn’t know what to do about any of them. He was uncomfortable because of the thing with the stairs. Drew was right - he was the one who had been... more
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