You are the sweetest
Tue Jan 17, 2017 22:10

It had taken a few years for Camilla to actually learn to trust the other Ceti, but she was glad she had given herself the opportunity to open up to him. The blonde had been jaded towards people after her father had exiled her. It had been a very dark period of time for the Ceti, but at the end Elijah had helped her through it and her mother’s marriage. The blonde remembered vividly the day she had unintentionally opened up to the other sixth year, and it was something she was grateful for. The image of the 14-year old girl crying on a couch over a very short letter from her father was still embedded in her mind. Elijah had stumbled upon Camilla curled up on a corner and she had instinctively reached out to be hugged; she had felt so alone and sad. Since that day, Camilla had found the best of friends in him.

The Ceti leaned towards her friend to better listen. She lighted up at the first happy news, but a shadow seemed to hover over them as Elijah mentioned his mother´s health. She knew how hard it was for him to see his mother that way, and as she listened her arm found his and gently squeezed it - Camilla didn't really know how to comfort and be there for him.

She got a little more comfortable on the bean bag, “That sounds like a very eventful summer,” she chippery said in reference to the news of his brother. “I bet your mother is already planning to the last detail,” she stated feeling the excitement of a wedding again. Camilla had a blast helping her mother organize her wedding to her stepdad. It had been one of the times Grace Baird had actually given her some attention. The blonde had been raised by her grandparents and a nanny because her mother had been busy finishing school and being a teenager.

Camilla continued talking, “My summer was spent in England with my grandparents. You know, like every summer since I moved to the USA,” she smiled as she caught her slight english accent still there.

“You'll love it there. Maybe you can come next summer.” She would need to ask her grandparents, but she doubted it it would be a problem. Her summer had been the same as always, but Camilla was worried about Elijah.

“Hey,” she looked him in the eyes, “How are you doing?” The worry was reflected on on her features.

  • Apparently, his moronic owl actually proved to be of some use. Elijah hadn't been sure that it would be, considering it didn't seem to understand basic commands. Blue-green eyes (currently more blue... more
    • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Tue Jan 17 22:10
      • Only when it comes to you - Elijah, Tue Jan 17 23:51
        “Oh, you’ve no idea,” Elijah said with a laugh. Agatha Carthy was already preoccupied with wedding planning with Sarah. It had seemed to prove as a useful distraction, one that kept the woman from... more
        • You´ll make me blush - Camilla, Thu Jan 19 19:45
          Camilla ignored the lighter color on Elijah´s head. She was sure it would go back to its normal shade of brown. He certainly pulled off the lighter look, but she was not going to encourage him!... more
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