Russell Drew
What have I done to deserve this?
Mon Feb 26, 2018 20:27

Reflecting on his private lesson with Professor McKindy earlier today, Russell decided that hadn't gone too awfully. He was feeling relatively confident (read: very confident, by his standards, and not much, by presumably everyone else's) on all of the more theory-based introductory work they had been doing, and it seemed like he might actually get to a point where they could poke around in his subconscious and learn more about what his Animagus form was before the end of the year... Uh. Term. He meant term. The end of the calendar year was popping up in the near distance, like a blip that looked like mere gravel on the horizon but became a whole rock by the time his skateboard wheels got close enough there was no turning back. There were some areas of his life at RMI that he was certain he could have ready in time but others that he was stuck between the options of "ignore now, stress later" and "stress now, keep stressing, yup still stress". His Animagus lessons fell in that range. He was not inclined to pull them out too soon, because that would mean sacrificing something else, and was turning into a chipmunk or herring or whatever it wound up being really more important than his IMPs prep? Sure, it wasn't for another year, but it couldn't be too early to start preparing!

...Oh, dear. While the thought of IMPs drifted past, Russell experienced a sudden, sinking feeling that in his History of Magic paper, handed in just this morning, he had confused the name of the victor of the Third Nordic Mermish Skirmish, Sven Svalbardson, with that of the Third Baltic Ghoul Fouls, Stinsen Stonsen. Oh, dear, again. Professor Boot could be pretty distractible at times - well, most of the time - but he could also be surprisingly intent at other times, especially when historical facts were on the table. He should double back through the Passageways and try to catch the man in his office to apologize for the slip-up.

First things first, though: Jaws. He kept on his route back to Cetus. Normally, Russell carried his mouse with him everywhere, especially after noticing that the menace that was Kit Kendrick's pet spider had definitely grown big big enough to think a mouse was a good-sized snack. But Jaws had been acting off lately, and he had decided it was best to keep him safely locked up in his cage instead. It wasn't as if Kit would let her (disturbingly) beloved spider get out of her sight long enough for it to break into Cetus. Right?

"Oh! Hey," Russell greeted the other boy, his initial startled squeak turning down into a normal-ish tone. His facial expression soon followed, turning down into a... well, a frown. Maverick seemed pretty pleased to share the news that the dormitory staircases were broken. He was less happy to hear it, but noted his offer of assistance with relief. "Really?" Wait whoa, that would mean that Mave would go in his room. Russell had gotten special support when transferring in, such that the whole room was in darker-than-Cetus-grey greyscales, he had blackout covers on his window and over the lights, and there was even something going on in the bathroom so that all the faucets and handles had a matte finish instead of the typical ugly, shiny metal. He had further adapted his room to personal taste by moving the mattress to the floor and turning the bedframe into extra storage with his books and Jaws' cage set up on top. Thus no one else had ever gone in, because he hadn't invited them to, because despite being immaculately clean, it was also abnormal and judge-able.

However, after a moment's thought, his desire to check on Jaws ruled out his concern that Mave's odd friendship with him would be disrupted by the experience, and he nodded. "Do you mind getting Jaws? He's been seeming a bit sick lately, and I wanna make sure he's alright after being left up there all day... He's in his cage right now, but it's awkward to carry, you don't need to bring it. Just Jaws. Erm, I mean you don't have to carry him either, if you don't want to. There's an old ball cap," Russell described, eyes closed behind his sunglasses as he pictured it, "on top of the cage, and if you stick it out he should run right in." He opened his eyes again, looking at Maverick hopefully. "Is that okay? Oh, and you'll probably need a Lumos," he added a bit sheepishly. "The main lights are blocked off."

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    • What have I done to deserve this? - Russell Drew, Mon Feb 26 20:27
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