Then I guess it's good crabs aren't fish
Sat Mar 3, 2018 12:27

When Drew mentioned Maverick, Dade wrinkled his nose. He didn’t know how to feel about Maverick, because he was technically like Holland in that he could go up both sides of the stairs and in that he lived on the girls’ side, but Maverick also used boy pronouns unlike Holland, who used nonbinary pronouns. It made him feel like Maverick was faking it just so that he could be on the girls’ side. But as far as Dade knew, Maverick didn’t have a girlfriend, maybe because he was trying too hard. Or because he looked kind of girly. Or because he had a ring through his nose sometimes, which looked very painful and very dangerous. Anyway, Maverick was weird and Dade didn’t see how he could help them.

“You think?” Dade asked skeptically as Drew suggested that the stairs might just have decided to mess with everyone else today. “I don’t understand why the stairs don’t let me up to begin with. I’ve done nothing to the school to make it hate me like that.”

But there was something in the back of his head that Dade was quietly trying to ignore - the conversation he had with Holland last year. He had done his best not to think about it as much as possible, but sometimes it came up in his head and this was one of those times. The stairs couldn’t possibly know that he had played dress-up with Madeleine as a girl, or that he’d tried on Rose’s clothes a couple of times. Plus, Drew played dress-up with Madeleine as a girl too, so if that was really what was going on the stairs should have a problem with that too. But with Maverick and Holland - they were able to go up both sets of stairs. At least to Dade’s knowledge they had never been dropped into the Headmaster’s office. Well, he didn’t know for sure, but he was pretty sure Holland wouldn’t be Head Student if they kept falling into the Headmaster’s office because of the stupid stairs.

“How do you think the stairs work?” the third-year asked, trying to sound casual. “Like how do they know what your gender is?” Maybe that was the problem. Maybe Holland and Maverick were just confusing the magic on the stairs too much and it had turned into this.

  • Fish are friends, not food - Drew, Tue Feb 27 11:40
    Drew was three hundred percent sure that he had never seen Dade laugh this hard. Actually he was pretty sure that he had never seen Dade express any emotion beside annoyance this hard before. It made ... more
    • Then I guess it's good crabs aren't fish - Dade, Sat Mar 3 12:27
      • Are crustaceans friends too? - Drew, Sat Mar 3 13:31
        “Yeah, it’s weird.” Drew didn’t think the school could do anything, like, mean to the students. That was way too much power for the building to have, especially if it could just decide that it wasn’t ... more
        • Only if we can eat our friends - Dade, Sat Mar 3 15:54
          Huh. Dade hadn’t known that the staff quarters just made new rooms when they were needed. There was technically an Age Line around the elevator, which was a spell, but if Drew said the elevator... more
          • Cannibalism is frowned upon - Drew, Sat Mar 3 17:04
            Okay well now Dade sounded kind of mad and that wasn’t what Drew had wanted, like, at all. He felt like Dade had maybe proved the opposite of the point he was trying to make, though. Playing dress-up ... more
            • Only in most societies - Dade, Sun Mar 4 10:35
              Dade felt several different kinds of weird and he didn’t know what to do about any of them. He was uncomfortable because of the thing with the stairs. Drew was right - he was the one who had been... more
              • It definitely is in ours - Drew, Wed Mar 21 14:44
                Dade didn’t say anything about else about the gender stuff. He also didn’t apologize for getting mad at Drew, but Drew was used to Dade not really apologizing. Sometimes they would get in unimportant ... more
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