Only if we can eat our friends
Sat Mar 3, 2018 15:54

Huh. Dade hadn’t known that the staff quarters just made new rooms when they were needed. There was technically an Age Line around the elevator, which was a spell, but if Drew said the elevator wouldn’t go unless you were old enough Dade would believe him. Those things made sense for a magical school. Magical spaces were supposed to be more accommodating and besides, magical schools were probably a special kind of magic since they were there for people who were just learning magic so they probably had to be extra durable. People like Dade weren’t a problem but every so often someone like Kit came along and Dade thought the school would have to be practically explosion-proof for it to be safe for Kit to be learning magic there. Even when she wasn’t using her wand she caused mass chaos.

“Do you think the stairs might be messing up for you because of gender?”

Dade froze and after a long moment had to remind himself to start breathing again. His chest felt very tight and all of a sudden his skin felt crawly and uncomfortable. Why would Drew ask that? He didn’t know, did he? What if Rose or Holland had told Mr. Tennant and Mr. Tennant had told Drew? Or what if Drew knew the details of Dade and Madeleine’s ‘adventures’ and thought something about Dade because of it?

There were several long seconds before Dade could figure out something to say. “That would be really stupid, Holland and Maverick can go up both stairs, I can’t go up either.” Well, Dade didn’t know that for sure; he’d never tried going up the girls’ staircase. He’d never had a reason to, and in fact had a whole lot of reasons not to. The last thing he needed was to actually get caught going up the girls’ staircases because then that would convince Headmaster Morgan that he was lying about the stairs after all, even though Drew had totally vouched for him. “Besides, you play dress-up with Madeleine too and the stairs work perfectly fine for you!” Dade clenched his hands into fists. “So whatever you heard was wrong, all right? I’m normal just like you.”

  • Are crustaceans friends too? - Drew, Sat Mar 3 13:31
    “Yeah, it’s weird.” Drew didn’t think the school could do anything, like, mean to the students. That was way too much power for the building to have, especially if it could just decide that it wasn’t ... more
    • Only if we can eat our friends - Dade, Sat Mar 3 15:54
      • Cannibalism is frowned upon - Drew, Sat Mar 3 17:04
        Okay well now Dade sounded kind of mad and that wasn’t what Drew had wanted, like, at all. He felt like Dade had maybe proved the opposite of the point he was trying to make, though. Playing dress-up ... more
        • Only in most societies - Dade, Sun Mar 4 10:35
          Dade felt several different kinds of weird and he didn’t know what to do about any of them. He was uncomfortable because of the thing with the stairs. Drew was right - he was the one who had been... more
          • It definitely is in ours - Drew, Wed Mar 21 14:44
            Dade didn’t say anything about else about the gender stuff. He also didn’t apologize for getting mad at Drew, but Drew was used to Dade not really apologizing. Sometimes they would get in unimportant ... more
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