Only when it comes to you
Tue Jan 17, 2017 23:51

“Oh, you’ve no idea,” Elijah said with a laugh. Agatha Carthy was already preoccupied with wedding planning with Sarah. It had seemed to prove as a useful distraction, one that kept the woman from focusing on her current condition. It was a godsend, but at the same time, it was a bit of a wakeup call. Jacob was her only biological son and he was getting married. Elijah was almost a legal adult in his world and would soon be busy with a life of his own. Soon enough, his mother wouldn’t have anyone to take care of. It made her health problems harder for them all to face because soon – too soon it seemed – they would be taking care of her.

It wasn’t the boys minded, but it was certainly something that would take some adjustment. Elijah was glad that Camilla didn’t voice an apology. It seemed that too many people he knew would give their condolences and be relatively insincere about it. To the Ceti, the comforting grip on his arms spoke volumes beyond that. He gave his friend a smile, free arm reaching over so the he could give a thank you squeeze in return. This was one of the reasons that he liked talking with Camilla. They understood each other.

“I’d love to come visit you,” the teen said with a grin. He knew that things were always a little stressful for the other Cetus when she wasn’t at Rocky Mountain, what with her father’s foolishness. But even then, she seemed to make the most of it. Plus, Elijah had never been out of the states and he was interested in travelling. England seemed like a reasonable place to start and if he was there with Camilla, it was just an added bonus.

“I dyed my hair,” he mentioned, running a hand through it with a wink in her direction. Infrequently during their friendship (although enough that it was a bit of a joke), Elijah had commented on the color of Camilla’s hair and how he thought he’d be much better as a blonde. “What do you think? Do I pull it off quite like you?” The answer was of course no – Elijah was fairly sure that his brown hair was nicer than the new color.

The conversation didn’t remain focused on their respective summers, somewhat to Elijah’s chagrin. Instead, Camilla asked how he really was and the sixteen-year-old felt much more aged in that moment.

“I –“ He began, catching the look of worry written on her face. He tried to plaster the smile back onto his own features, but failed miserably. He swallowed harshly, threading his fingers together as his eyes focused on the missing finger on his right hand. It had been years since he’d lost it, but the phantom feeling still plagued him. It was much like the weight that sat on his shoulders when It came to his mother. He’d gotten used to the feeling of Agatha, but sometimes still wondered about the two missing figures in his life. “She’s just so frail now, Cam.”

His voice was strained with emotion and he hunched over a bit, fingers sliding into his hair in frustration. “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

  • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Tue Jan 17 22:10
    It had taken a few years for Camilla to actually learn to trust the other Ceti, but she was glad she had given herself the opportunity to open up to him. The blonde had been jaded towards people... more
    • Only when it comes to you - Elijah, Tue Jan 17 23:51
      • You´ll make me blush - Camilla, Thu Jan 19 19:45
        Camilla ignored the lighter color on Elijah´s head. She was sure it would go back to its normal shade of brown. He certainly pulled off the lighter look, but she was not going to encourage him!... more
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