Dylan Xavier
I'm just gonna follow you, okay?
Thu Jul 6, 2017 12:43

As the feast wound down, Dylan noticed some of the staff approaching the student bonfires. The one near the blue fire started talking loudly to the kids there, and Dylan winced a bit as the guy near the sea green fire whistled shrilly. The guy for Draco seemed unwilling to join this auditory battle, instead throwing out a shower of red sparks from his wand. Dylan appreciated the consideration to his ears and went to join the man.

He was, however, more than a little alarmed when the guy started coughing and gulped down something from a small vial which turned his face redder than the Draco fire and apparently hotter, too, because steam shot out of his ears as well. Dylan startled back in alarm and looked around to see if anyone was going to help the adult who was doing a very good impression of a steam train whistle at the moment.

Nobody seemed to be rushing to the guy's aid so Dylan took a tentative step closer, in case someone needed to catch him if he collapsed, but the professor just smiled like nothing was wrong at all and continued welcoming them and introducing himself.

In that moment Dylan reached a conclusion that had been niggling at him for a while now but which he hadn't yet had a wide enough experience to make generalizations. He felt he did now and settled in his first solid hypothesis of his magical career: Wizards were kind of weird.

Also, as a side note, he also decided it would be very prudent to avoid drinking anything that he couldn't positively recognize as water for the foreseeable future.

Though, objectively, the professor did seem to be in much better health now. Dylan, however, was not convinced shooting steam out of his ears was an ideal solution. That couldn't be good for your brain and Dylan kind of liked his brain as it was. He'd stick with throat lozenges, thanks just the same.

He did find it a bit interesting that his new Head of House was a mazijoo - a plant guy. Uncle Nathan would be pleased to hear that, though Dylan wondered what the precise difference was between a herbologist like Nathan and a majibiozoobotonist (or something) like Professor Bennett.

He missed a few landmarks pondering this, but he felt he could probably manage to find this window - which wasn't actually a window, firstly because they were underground and secondly because it was really a door - again tomorrow with perhaps only a little bit of stalking after his new roommates. The view on the other side of the false window but real door was not the Rocky Mountains as advertised, but did look pretty welcoming and cozy, though he was mildly distracted trying to image what a dirigible plum would look like. An upside plum for the balloon part, presumably, but would the pilot's compartment just be a stem or would it need a leaf, too? He supposed it would depend on how much cargo or passengers it needed to carry.

The imagined dirigible popped pretty quickly through as he stepped inside and some flowers started honking at them in loud excitement. The professor eventually had to use magic to get them quiet enough to continue his speech.

Dylan eyed the two stairways uncertainty and wished there was a sign like bathrooms had. Eventually he was sure he'd fall into an unthinking habit to get up to his room, but in the meantime. . . his inability to distinguish between right and left was probably going to get him in trouble. He held out his hands in L shapes in front of him but they both looked wrong so that didn't help at all.

"I think I'll just follow you up," he told his nearest roommate when Professor Bennett finished talking, dropping his unhelpful hands back to his sides. "Which one is the left? I'm useless with directions."

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    • I'm just gonna follow you, okay? - Dylan Xavier, Thu Jul 6 12:43
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