Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
That might be a bad idea
Mon Jul 10, 2017 13:57

Anssi stared, wide-eyed, as steam came whistling out of the Professor’s ears. There were a lot of things that steamed - teapots, soup on the stove, even the little soldering tool his pappa used to melt new pieces together on his clocks. But steaming ears was brand new. The blonde couldn’t imagine why the Professor would drink something that made him so puffed up with hot air that it would come out of his ears. That seemed uncomfortable. The Professor looked healthier now, though… but was that really enough to balance out the steaming ears part?

Having zoned out a little while he muddled it over, Anssi let out a quiet meep as he realized the Professor had started walking. He quickly scurried after the group. It was a tiny group; there were only a couple other new students in Red Draco House, both boys like him, and it would’ve been super obvious if he had fallen behind. Anssi was kind of short for his age but he managed to catch up before they had gone too far. Phew!

He was glad that he had come to RMI in the springtime for the school tour, because he actually recognized a couple of the rooms they passed. That tour had been all over the school campus, which had made Anssi feel pretty lost by the end of the day. This Professor (he had completely missed the man’s name, but he looked friendly, at least now that his ears weren’t steaming, so he would ask him later) was only taking them to Draco House, however, so it didn’t feel like it was a terribly long distance from the Fine Diner, although there was still too much winding for him to be confident that he could get between the two again on his own.

The window-door was super pretty. It was so pretty, in fact, that even though Anssi was listening better this time, he didn’t even realize for sure that it was a door until the Professor walked right through it. Hesitantly, he lined up with the other boys and took a very slow, careful step inside the picture. It felt almost like a stair underfoot, and before he knew it, he had walked out into what could only be Red Draco House.

It was very red, which Anssi had expected. It also had a bunch of flowers making loud duck noises, one of which tried to nibble on his new robes, which Anssi hadn’t expected but didn’t dislike, either. He didn’t understand why the duck flowers would be in Draco House, but they were funner than the fake sunflower his mamma had in a glass jar at their apartment.

The Professor listed off some different rules. The rule about dorms was most interesting to him. Anssi couldn’t remember what dorm meant, but apparently it was split up with boys and girls on different sides. Splitting up boys and girls wasn’t very common in Sweden; they used the same bathrooms in school and went to saunas together and everything. Maybe this was just something else different in America.

“Left?” Anssi echoed, blinking blue eyes back at the boy. “What is left?” Oh, wait, this was a… a going-away word, wasn’t it? He decided that yes, it was, and quickly added, “I think we can be leaving in the same window-door but from backwards,” pointing back behind them.

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    • That might be a bad idea - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Mon Jul 10 13:57
      • We may be at Clayton's mercy then - Dylan, Wed Jul 19 10:17
        Dylan felt a sinking feeling in his gut as his new roommate displayed a total lack of understanding of the word 'left'. It seemed like a language barrier thing rather than a lack of direction sense... more
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