We may be at Clayton's mercy then
Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:17

Dylan felt a sinking feeling in his gut as his new roommate displayed a total lack of understanding of the word 'left'. It seemed like a language barrier thing rather than a lack of direction sense thing, so all was not lost; Dylan may still be able to follow him back here tomorrow but getting to their room tonight might depend entirely on their third roommate.

"Right," he agreed when Language Barrier Roommate gave him directions on how to exit the common room. "Thanks."

"I'm Dylan," he added by way of introduction, because 'Roommate Who Can't Figure Out How To Leave The Room We Just Entered' wasn't really how he wanted to be known any more than Language Barrier Roommate probably wanted that as a name. "Are you an international student?" he guessed, being careful to enunciate clearly to make himself easier to understand. "I'm from the United States. I live in Connecticut, on the East Coast."

With a native speaker, he probably would have gone into a few more details, but he didn't want to confuse his new roommate any more than he already had. Keeping his sentences short and pretty simple for now seemed like the best way to foster good communication with a person he'd be living with for the next seven years.

  • That might be a bad idea - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Mon Jul 10 13:57
    Anssi stared, wide-eyed, as steam came whistling out of the Professorís ears. There were a lot of things that steamed - teapots, soup on the stove, even the little soldering tool his pappa used to... more
    • We may be at Clayton's mercy then - Dylan, Wed Jul 19 10:17
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