Jesse Keller
First year boys' dorm
Fri Feb 2, 2018 15:03

Jesse had eventually unpacked his belongings from his case, having systematically located where they ought to be put away by discovering where he habitually tried to find something. This meant that anyone else who tried to find a particular item belonging to Jesse might struggle, because the majority of people probably did not keep pots of ink in the same drawer as their socks, store all their bookmarks under their pillow, or organise their shirts in order from most to least comfortable. It made sense to Jesse, however, and that was really all that mattered.

Happily, even though he was sharing a room, the school provided each student with an individual bed, wardrobe and nightstand, so even though Keith might have noticed Jesseís less than regular system of organisation, it would not impact on his life. Used to sharing a room with his younger brother, Felix, Jesse had made an effort to not be too annoying to his roomate because he wanted them to get along. So there were sometimes piles of textbooks on the floor around his bed for a couple of days before Jesse got around to placing them back neatly, and the same with his uniform robes until the house elves picked them up for him (he wanted to get better at not leaving them on the floor but it hadnít happened yet), but Jesse wasnít loud or dirty, to the best of his knowledge. He didnít spend much time in his dormitory, prefering to complete his homework assignments in the library, and spending as much time as acceptable in the Diner.

He had never been a skinny child - he wasnít overweight, but his round face and hunched shoulders did sometimes give that impression at first glance - and Jesse liked his food. At home his Momís cooking was incredible, but they had a tight budget and five mouths to feed. RMI was like gourmet paradise, and even when a whole month of school had passed he hadnít stopped marveling at how much variety was on offer every mealtime. It was his favorite thing about school so far.

When he was in his dormitory, Jesse would usually be found lying on or in his bed. Like now, it was too late for breakfast but too early for lunch, and he had already done his spellwork homework in the library. So the dark-haired first year was lying on top of the covers on his stomach, reading a book about the Eleven Wonders of the Ancient World (including the seven Muggles had discovered by various means, and the other four that wizards had been more successful in concealing) when the door to their dormitory opened and Keith came in. A small part of Jesseís brain registered the noise and movement but he was engrossed in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and so finished the paragraph before he tore his dark brown eyes away from the text. ďHi, Keith,Ē he said. It felt to Jesse like he didnít know Keith very well, but then he guessed that was because he didnít spend much time in his room. Or talking. Or listening. But he had no objections to his roomate so far. He was a better roomate than Felix, anyway.

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