Professor Arthur Bennett
Head of House Speech, Continued
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:53

“Welcome home, kids.” Arthur stood by the fireplace as the Draco first-years filed in after him. Rather than jump into the rest of his speech, he gave the students a moment to take everything in. The common room walls were a deep red, the House’s official color, and featured a painted image of a dragonthat occasionally winked and stomped its feet. A flutterby bush dominated a corner of the room, but otherwise the space was filled with long tables and a mixture of standard chairs and couches, perfect for studying in groups or alone. In the far back, an open archway led to rows of bookshelves—the House’s personal library.

“All right, let’s get down to the basics. This space is for you; the girls’ dorm is on the right, the booys’ are on the left. If you end up in the wrong dorm you’ll find yourself automatically transported to the headmaster’s office, so make sure you know your directions. You’ll find your bags waiting in your rooms. As first-years you are not allowed to go up to Pearl Street unless you’re with a Staff member. Curfew is at ten o’clock. That’s about it really.” Arthur rubbed the back of his neck and looked around at the students. “My door is always open if you need anything. Now I’m sure you’re all tired after the Opening Feast, so I’ll let you unpack. And again, welcome to RMI.”

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