Remington Burnham
As long as I keep my single room
Mon Sep 24, 2018 22:41

Remington had only been back for a few hours. She’d moved a couple of things from her home into her room. As always, she expected a new roommate to be transferred in, since there seemed to be more transfers at Rocky Mountain International than actual new students. As much as she liked her friends from summer camp, having a sleepover with them reminded her how much she didn’t want a roommate. It was excellent to see the room was still set up for one.

Her parents got her a new Bruno Mars poster for her room, as well as new books. She added those to her desk, which did not host the romance books she’d bought before midterm. After she’d gotten those back from Kit, they’d found a new home directly under her bed. She was still interested in exploring those - maybe they’d help her learn something about what would make her have feelings for someone - but for now, she had a different experiment to start.

It turned out that her sleepover idea to ask Malachi on a date wasn’t a whim. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. They got along well enough that it seemed like a natural step, and if something went wrong (which she highly doubted), it wouldn’t make much of a difference. They weren’t close enough that a bad or awkward date would be detrimental to their lives.

She hadn’t exactly figured out when she’d ask him out, though. Or where. Coffee seemed like a safe bet. She’d just started getting a taste for coffee that tasted a little bit like the caffeinated beverage and not just like super sugary blended chocolate. She didn’t get him a Christmas gift like she did for her other friends, since she didn’t know if he participated in the holiday. Her other friends had a few gifts in her room that she wanted to deliver at some point. She’d made a Darby themed hair bow in the hopes it would make Kit feel better, found a really nice journal for Drew, and even picked up nail polish for Claudia. It said it was supposed to change colors to match whatever outfit the person was wearing. She hadn’t tried it and didn’t know if it worked, but the idea behind it was nice.

She thought she’d just say hi to Malachi, so the dark skinned Draco made her way to the commons. Her oversized grey sweater, which made her feel a little more comfortable after the big holiday meals she’d eaten over the break, and jeans were comfortable, and she hoped to get to change into pajamas soon. She wanted to get plenty of sleep before classes started. She hadn’t been in the common room long, though, when an unfamiliar Draco approached her. And there were only about five Dracos, so she immediately identified him as a transfer.

“Hey I’m DJ Finn. I’m looking for Remington Burnham, have you seen him?”

And apparently he thought he was looking for a boy named Remington Burnham. Her brown eyes blinked and she held back a sigh. Here she was, getting herself ready to talk to a boy she may or may not like, and the new student assumed Remington Burnham was a boy. If her kinky curls hadn’t been pulled back into place by a huge sunflower bow, she would have run her fingers through it in frustration and embarrassment. Instead, she held back a sigh. If the new student was told to look for her, then that was probably good for her prospects as prefect next year. ...Merlin, Drew was gonna laugh so much when she told him about the first social encounter she had literally hours after returning to school.

“I’m Remington Burnham,” She answered with a rather convincing smile. “What can I do for you?”

  • Home Sweet Home - DJ Finn, Sun Sep 23 21:53
    DJ Finn sighed as he stared at the window the counselor of RMI had dropped him off with the current password. He was a bit nervous after spending his whole school career at Wallowa Mountain Academy... more
    • As long as I keep my single room - Remington Burnham, Mon Sep 24 22:41
      • I think you are safe! - DJ, Wed Sep 26 15:16
        DJ looked over the girls’ outfit and thought the two reflected each other. He wore a grey t-shirt, cuffed jeans that showed off his bright yellow converses. While she was adorable in her huge grey... more
        • Phew, I'll lower those defenses then - Remington, Mon Oct 1 20:05
          Remington’s suspicions were correct. The new transfer, named - ...well, he didn’t tell her what his was. Anyway. Drew’s dad told the other student to seek her out for a tour. That was excellent.... more
          • Great! - DJ, Tue Oct 2 15:44
            DJ smirked when she laughed. It was a cute laugh. She went to go on to say it sounded like prized poodles name. He laughed and shook his head. "It's a unique name I'll give you that but it fits you... more
            • Good! - Remington, Wed Oct 10 17:16
              Remington almost rolled her brown eyes when he complimented her name. Not in an annoying way, but in an amused way. She caught herself before she did, though, and chose to just smile and shake her... more
              • Fantastic! - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:33
                DJ smiled when she repeated his name. His parents had hated when he asked to go by DJ instead of Dwight. He had been ten at the time and he had just come back from Uncle Riley & Seb’s house where... more
                • Woot! - Remington, Mon Oct 29 17:27
                  “Sure!” Remington said cheerfully. “I always like having people to study with. I’m currently in a lot of classes, so I’m pretty sure we’ll have some kind of overlap. She did Cultural Studies studying ... more
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