I think you are safe!
Wed Sep 26, 2018 15:16

DJ looked over the girls’ outfit and thought the two reflected each other. He wore a grey t-shirt, cuffed jeans that showed off his bright yellow converses. While she was adorable in her huge grey sweater and jeans. Her yellow just happened to be a large sunflower bow in her curly hair.

It was the sunflower detail that made DJ smile. Sunflowers were his favorite flowers. Mom always had some in a pot wherever they lived. She would say ‘Sunflowers are home’ and she truly meant it. Since DJ had been a first year she sent a charmed potted Sunflower so he could keep at least one in his dorm to remind him of the family.

“I’m Remington Burnham what can I do for you?” She said as she smiled at him. He winced. Crap - not the first impression he wanted to make his first day here and he’s already insulting girls in his house.

He wondered why Tennant hadn’t made it abundantly clear that Remington wasn’t a boy. I mean one would assume a person named after a brand of gun would be a boy. Of course all the taller man had stated was that Remington was a fellow fourth year who was also interested in taking Animagus classes.

“Oh - I’m so sorry. Counselor Tennant just said to find Remington and I assumed he was pairing me up with a boy.” He smiled sheepishly as he ran his hand over the waves in his hair. “My mom always says when you assume you make an ass out of you and me I guess I did today.”

The green eyed boy laughed hoping to ease the tension. “Anyways Counselor Tenant said you’d be able to show me the ropes of RMI as a fellow Draco. If I upset you I could understand you not wanting to help me out though.” with those words he shoved his fists into his jeans pocket trying to not let his embarrassment shine too much. He really hoped that Remington was willing to show him around he wasn’t a hundred percent he’d be able to find anything in the morning. He could always use the point me spell but he didn’t want to be the weird Draco using spells to get around the school.

  • As long as I keep my single room - Remington Burnham, Mon Sep 24 22:41
    Remington had only been back for a few hours. She’d moved a couple of things from her home into her room. As always, she expected a new roommate to be transferred in, since there seemed to be more... more
    • I think you are safe! - DJ, Wed Sep 26 15:16
      • Phew, I'll lower those defenses then - Remington, Mon Oct 1 20:05
        Remington’s suspicions were correct. The new transfer, named - ...well, he didn’t tell her what his was. Anyway. Drew’s dad told the other student to seek her out for a tour. That was excellent.... more
        • Great! - DJ, Tue Oct 2 15:44
          DJ smirked when she laughed. It was a cute laugh. She went to go on to say it sounded like prized poodles name. He laughed and shook his head. "It's a unique name I'll give you that but it fits you... more
          • Good! - Remington, Wed Oct 10 17:16
            Remington almost rolled her brown eyes when he complimented her name. Not in an annoying way, but in an amused way. She caught herself before she did, though, and chose to just smile and shake her... more
            • Fantastic! - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:33
              DJ smiled when she repeated his name. His parents had hated when he asked to go by DJ instead of Dwight. He had been ten at the time and he had just come back from Uncle Riley & Seb’s house where... more
              • Woot! - Remington, Mon Oct 29 17:27
                “Sure!” Remington said cheerfully. “I always like having people to study with. I’m currently in a lot of classes, so I’m pretty sure we’ll have some kind of overlap. She did Cultural Studies studying ... more
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