Tue Oct 2, 2018 15:44

DJ smirked when she laughed. It was a cute laugh. She went to go on to say it sounded like prized poodles name. He laughed and shook his head. "It's a unique name I'll give you that but it fits you more than any poodle I've met." He said.

When she said he hadn't upset her he relaxed a bit more. Glad that his cute housemate wasn't mad at him. Remington moved on to say she could answer his questions and tell him about Draco. DJ assumed she knew a lot since Tenant had told him to seek her out. Knowing that she had been here since her first year made sense. "Oh, I'm sorry and before you talk crap about your name being a poodles' again it could be worse. My parents named me Dwight but please never call me that I'm DJ Finn."

He figured telling her that would ease her about the name worries. "I just transferred in from Wallowa Mountain Academy and any info you can give me on the Spellwork Professor would be great since I changed schools to study Animagus lessons under him." He figured a little background on himself would make this awkward encounter less and maybe Remington would be his first RMI friend. At WMA he had a lot of friends here he knew Uncle Riley's kinda god son - Tycho but not very well.

  • Phew, I'll lower those defenses then - Remington, Mon Oct 1 20:05
    Remington’s suspicions were correct. The new transfer, named - ...well, he didn’t tell her what his was. Anyway. Drew’s dad told the other student to seek her out for a tour. That was excellent.... more
    • Great! - DJ, Tue Oct 2 15:44
      • Good! - Remington, Wed Oct 10 17:16
        Remington almost rolled her brown eyes when he complimented her name. Not in an annoying way, but in an amused way. She caught herself before she did, though, and chose to just smile and shake her... more
        • Fantastic! - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:33
          DJ smiled when she repeated his name. His parents had hated when he asked to go by DJ instead of Dwight. He had been ten at the time and he had just come back from Uncle Riley & Seb’s house where... more
          • Woot! - Remington, Mon Oct 29 17:27
            “Sure!” Remington said cheerfully. “I always like having people to study with. I’m currently in a lot of classes, so I’m pretty sure we’ll have some kind of overlap. She did Cultural Studies studying ... more
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