Mon Oct 29, 2018 17:27

“Sure!” Remington said cheerfully. “I always like having people to study with. I’m currently in a lot of classes, so I’m pretty sure we’ll have some kind of overlap. She did Cultural Studies studying sometimes with Buckley, as well as History of Magic. If DJ was in those classes too, maybe the three Dracos could all study together. Plus, she took Defense Against the Dark Arts, Spellwork, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and MagSci. She’d pretty much decided to drop one or two of her elective classes after this term, but that would only be to fill the spaces later on.

The Healing Internship and Animagus classes had to go somewhere once she was in the right year group to take them, after all.

He started asking about clubs, and she was thankfully informed on those, too. She didn’t participate in every club out there and even had a secret one of her own. It still kept her quite busy. “We don’t have tons of clubs, but I think what we have is a good variety. There’s Quidditch - I don’t play, but Bryn is the captain and he’s nice, you could probably talk to him about joining. There’s the newspaper, RMI Voices, and the Drama Club. Myffi runs the Agricultural Club and then there’s Dueling Club.

“I work on the newspaper and participate in Dueling Club sometimes. I’m not really a member of the Drama Club, but my friend’s dad - and the counselor - is in charge so if they need help I come paint sets or whatever sometimes. He’s actually Professor McKindy’s husband.” That probably wasn’t necessary to share but whatever.

She almost blushed a little at how much she could rant. Remington managed to stop herself from carrying on, though, and smiled instead. “There’s also the Rec Center, which has a pool and games, and the Quidditch Pitch. There’s a rock wall there. And secret passageways.”

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    DJ smiled when she repeated his name. His parents had hated when he asked to go by DJ instead of Dwight. He had been ten at the time and he had just come back from Uncle Riley & Seb’s house where... more
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