Professor Arthur Bennett
Come along, Draco first-years! [cont'd]
Tue Jan 10, 2017 21:49

Arthur was waiting by the fireplace as the Draco first-years walked in. The common room walls were a deep red and some flitterblooms, a gift from the professor to the House, sat swaying on various surfaces. Behind Arthur above the fireplace the Draco constellation could be seen, slightly hidden by a big welcome sign for all the students. Once everyone had arrived he smiled and beckoned them closer.

“Welcome home, everyone! You’ll be spending a lot of your time here over the next few years. Your dorm rooms are here, this common room is your space, and you even have access to your own library for work. Now there are just a few more rules to cover, so bear with me. As first-years you are not allowed to go up to Pearl Street unless you are with a Staff member. Curfew is at ten o’clock.” Arthur went on to explain the extracurriculars RMI, such as Quidditch, Rocky Voices, and the Dueling Club, and quickly reviewed basic class scheduling and courses.

With that done, Arthur walked over to the hallways that led to the dorm rooms, stopping momentarily to cast a quick aguamenti on a flitterbloom. “All right, I’m sure you’re all eager to get settled. You’ll find your bags waiting in your rooms. The girls’ dorm is on the right, boys’ are on the left. If you end up in the wrong dorm you’ll find yourself automatically transported to the headmaster’s office, so make sure you know your directions. Go on now, and remember, I can often be found in my office in the Administrative Quarters if you need anything!"

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