Dardanius Dubois
Sure. What's up?
Wed Jan 24, 2018 06:20

Danny was trying to decide if he still had the energy to go running or if he should call it a day and chill out in the commons instead. He had already done Quidditch drills earlier in the day; he’d flown less than usual this summer, and needed to get back on form. The Lyra team’d had a small shake up this term, so he wanted to start scheduling regular practises before the term got much further underway. Leo wasn’t playing, which sucked because he’d been a Chaser with Danny for years, and he thought they worked well together. His replacement was a new fifth year, so that could go either way; Danny was cautiously optimistic. Markey and Kit were returning Beaters - probably the most enthusiastic Beating pair RMI had ever seen - and Kit had been hitting more opposing players than her teammates by the end of last year, which was encouraging. Emmett was officially Keeper this year, which was sort of awkward, but Holland had never been bothered about playing (and probably had only signed up this year because around half the team had encouraged them to), so when they had a full team signed up without Holland needing to be a starting player, it was unfortunate that Lyra had ended up with two Seekers and no Keeper. Hoping the first year turned out to be good, Danny had decided that Emmett would train her - Susan - up in practices, and they could try her out in the first game.

Considering running anyway, Danny undid the top one of three buttons on his coral-colored polo shirt in preparation to change out of that and his jeans, but halted his progress at the knock on his dormitory door. Assuming it was either Holland or Emmett - it was usual for them to be in his room, and rare for anyone else to come knocking - he called “Come on in.”

Ignoring the jittering around his abdomen that apparently now accompanied Holland’s presence, Danny returned their greeting of ‘Hey’ and tried not to feel unduly apprehensive: it was common knowledge that nobody ever said anything good after asking ‘Can we talk?’. Last time Danny had ‘talked’ with Holland they’d had their biggest argument since first year, but he was relatively sure he hadn’t done or said anything to make Holland annoyed with him in the short time they’d been back at school. “Actually, I just wanted to say something,” they rephrased.

“Sure,” Danny said, perching on the edge of his bed. “What’s up?”

  • Danny, do you have a minute? - Holland Keene, Wed Jan 24 01:16
    For the rest of the summer after the road trip, Holland had questioned whether they actually liked Danny. Holland questioned everything, but they didn’t like uncertainty about their feelings. They... more
    • Sure. What's up? - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Jan 24 06:20
      • Just delivering a message - Holland, Wed Jan 24 10:03
        “Okay. So,” Holland started. Now what were they supposed to say? I know that you like me, and you and Marissa just broke up so now I can say something. I might like you back, but maybe I just think... more
        • Message received - Dardanius, Wed Jan 24 16:36
          Holland seemed rattled, which did nothing to abate Danny’s suspicions that something was amiss. He braced himself for the bad news. In hindsight, the revelation wasn’t disagreeable, exactly, but no... more
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