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Wed Jan 24, 2018 16:36

Holland seemed rattled, which did nothing to abate Danny’s suspicions that something was amiss. He braced himself for the bad news. In hindsight, the revelation wasn’t disagreeable, exactly, but no amount of bracing could have adequately prepared Danny for Holland’s non-committal declaration.

“Oh.” Mild surprise tinted his otherwise bland acknowledgment.

April was so long ago, it seemed. So much had happened since then; so much had changed. Although the way his stomach dropped - the same way it did when when he pulled out of sudden dive on his broomstick - when Holland said, “I might like you the way you like me,” convinced Danny that some things remained very much the same.

What did that matter, though? They had decided to do nothing about it in April, and that had mostly worked out okay, after the initial awkwardness. Holland had just said it wouldn’t change anything now, either. Danny thought they were right; it probably wouldn’t change anything. He didn’t see how it could.

But Holland kept thinking about him. That was satisfying to hear.

Danny tried to think of something else to say, but all his thoughts were only half-formed before being replaced by others or dissipating entirely. He felt renewed sympathy for when he had placed Holland in a similar situation. Except - except Danny had spoken words he had no expectations to ever hear repeated back to him. Except he had voiced his thoughts almost as they occurred to him, whereas Holland had been considering this for a while, it seemed. Inconclusively.

“Sorry, saying something was supposed to help me be more sure, but I’m still… confused.”

“It’s okay,” Danny dismissed their apology. Holland was not the only one in the room with their thoughts in disarray. Now what?

Nothing, apparently, as Holland made to leave again. Danny didn’t want to stop them. He couldn’t think of anything else to say, anyway. Maybe Holland liked him that way. Maybe they didn’t; they hadn’t figured anything out. It wasn’t as if Holland telling him that had changed anything. “I’ll … I’ll see you later.”

Danny watched Holland leave and stared at the door for several minutes afterwards. He didn’t even know how he felt. he didn’t even know how he wanted to feel. He didn’t know what was supposed to happen next. Then nothing. Right. Danny pulled his polo shirt over his head and tossed it dispassionately onto the bed. He was definitely going to go for that run.

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    “Okay. So,” Holland started. Now what were they supposed to say? I know that you like me, and you and Marissa just broke up so now I can say something. I might like you back, but maybe I just think... more
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