Holland Keene
I don’t see a problem
Thu Feb 22, 2018 20:20

Holland was doing Arithmancy homework in the Common Room when Buckley Bradford fell down the stairs.

Or rather, Buckley didn’t fall down the stairs so much as fall through them, as the enchantment designed to keep girls out of the boys’ dorms activated and whisked Buckley away to the Headmaster’s office. That was odd. Holland considered what might make him trigger the spell. Had Buckley suddenly started identifying as femme, and the stairs were confirming his identity? Given that every exchange Holland had had with Buckley Bradford since he had transferred into RMI had been rife with fragile masculinity, that seemed unlikely.

Had something caused the school’s substantial magical reserves to stop working correctly, then? One of Holland’s main interests in Spellwork was long-term enchantments. From their understanding, it would take a significant amount of magic to interfere with the magic embedded in the building. That left few options for the cause of this development. Was the school itself pranking the Lyras instead? Or could it be trying to alert them to something?

Experimentally, Holland ascended the stairs to the boys’ dorm. Holland had never personally been denied entry by either staircase. It had been convenient over the last five years for the Lyra contingent of their friend group to have sleepovers (usually in Danny’s dorm, because it was neater than Emmett’s). Recently Holland had taken advantage of this more than usual, but not necessarily for… indecorous reasons. Holland and Danny mostly just did work for their four overlapping classes together, like they always had. In many ways, Holland and Danny’s relationship was a lot like their friendship, except that now when they were sitting together, Danny would put his arm around Holland, or when they were working on homework together, Holland would catch Danny smiling at them when they looked up to do the same. Dating had added an extra layer to their existing dynamic, not completely rewritten it.

They were still standing on the boys’ stairs with complete stability when Alice Lemont, attempting to access her own dorm, gave a tiny yelp and disappeared down a hole in the girls’ stairs. Holland frowned. What was going on? They descended the boys’ stairs and headed for their own room. They made it all the way to the landing, with no hint that anything was amiss.

As Head Student, Holland decided they should help stop students from ending up in Headmaster Morgan’s office. As they continued to enjoy an amicable relationship with RMI’s architecture, Holland stayed at the top of the girls’ stairs, watching for the next student who tried to enter his or her dorm. “Don’t go up,” Holland called, to stop them. “The staircases seem to be malfunctioning for everyone else, but they’re both working fine for me. Do you need anything from your dorm?”

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    • I don’t see a problem - Holland Keene, Thu Feb 22 20:20
      • Then maybe you can help me out - Leopold Harris, Tue Feb 27 20:12
        Leo had always thought the password into Lyra was unfair. Sometimes you simply were not in the mood to stand about performing for an inanimate object. Leo never bothered singing to the damn thing,... more
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          • I'd rather not return the favour - Leo, Tue Mar 20 17:01
            “If the stairs are making Buckley disappear I vote for not fixing them,” Leo said, tossing his bookbag on a nearby chair before casting a glance around the common room to see if anyone else was... more
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