Kicking K [Tag: Kit]
Wed Feb 28, 2018 15:40

Satveer sat hunched over his sketchbook on a table at the side of the common room. He was carefully, methodically, penning the detail onto his latest graphic character using his favourite 0.3 black ink fine-liner, when he glanced up to witness Buckley disappear through the stairs. It took Satveer a few seconds to realise that it was the boys’ stairs and had Buckley been sneaking into the girls’ dorm, his disappearance would have expected. It wasn’t long before Holland attempted, quite successfully, to ascend the stairs. Sadly this didn’t confirm or deny anything as Satveer couldn’t really tell if Holland was a boy or girl as they appeared to frequent both dorms often. As nothing happened to Holland, Satveer focussed back on his sketchbook, keeping an ear out for any other goings on. Having done his homework, he’d set himself the task of finishing the inking of the girl in his latest picture before bedtime, but he was willing to let that slip for some amusement.

Satveer carried his sketchbook everywhere he went. His sketchbook was very much a personal item, and Satveer didn’t like to let people see what was in it. It wasn’t that it contained anything vulgar or bad, but it fretted over how others would perceive his art (and his interpretations of them). Opening the sketchbook, with the spine on the left (like a western book), the front half was filled with doodles and scribbles. Items that have caught Satveer’s imagination and could be used in a larger piece. However, when opening the book on the reverse (with the spine on the right, meaning the doodles were upside down), it featured a number of highly detailed drawings, comics and graphics in various forms of completion. Some were fully penned, inked and coloured whilst others just sketched out pencil drafts, as well as many others in between. Satveer’s muse was often found in things that were around him. As such, his sketchbook was filled with adaptations of muggle graphic novels and caricatures of his peers with exaggerated aspects of their personalities, or overly inflated interpretations of their interactions. Satveer’s one true passion was his drawing, it relaxed him. It centred him. It made him, him.

It wasn’t long before the voice of Holland stopping another boy from stepping on the stairs caught Satveer’s attention. Realising nothing was going to happen at that second as far as holes and stairs were concerned, Satveer pulled his bag close in order to retrieve his pencil box. A part of the girls top still wasn’t quite right and needed changing before it was inked. Using the putty rubber from his pencil box that now sat next to his ink pen on the table, Satveer carefully rubbed out the centre of her chest, leaving only the indentations of the former pencil marks and a suspiciously empty gap where the imagination of a 12 year old could easily wonder. Satveer had originally intended on making her into a muggle superhero with a ‘superhero uniform’ and powers similar to that of spider man. He’d already completed the detailed all in pencil:
Her one arm pointing straight up, with a web forming from her wrist and extending off the page. The other arm bent at her nobbily elbow, with her hand placed defiantly on her hip. Her legs in that iconic superhero pose, each foot firmly planted, rooted into the ground. She even the mask that only covered her eyes, leaving her frizzy hair loose and untamed. At the top of the page resembling that of a graphic novel, were the already inked 3D letters that was the title Kicking K.
The previous night’s work had even see Satveer go as far as to start the colouration process: Hair – red, wild. Mask – Black. Top - uniform red and black, spider colourful? Blouse? Trousers – uniform red and black – web? Bell Bottoms!
Once it was pencilled in though, Satveer didn’t like it. He’d decided to redress her in her secret identity. He’d already fixed and inked her mask prior to the decision, but he thought he’s leave it on for more secrecy and allure. The previous night he’d reworked and inked her trousers and All that was left was to finish her top.

As Satveer brushed away the putty rubber residue from the page of his book, he heard what sounded like Kit appear in the common room.

Satveer’s first interaction with Kit was very much from a distance, but that was OK with him. She was excitable, energetic and uncontrollable. She still was, but Satveer had changed. He’d grown into himself and was becoming the man he wanted to be (and not the one his father wanted). Satveer had relaxed and in the spirit of wanting to make more friends, Satveer thought Kit could be a wild ride.

Looking up, Satveer realised it was Kit, and thought now was a better time than any to get to know her (outside of her generic hugs or courteous hellos in the hallways). Satveer attempted to stand to warn Kit about the stairs. “Ki…” Satveer stuttered, tripping over the bag that sat at his feet. As he tried to catch himself, he lurched forward resulting in him knocking the chair backwards whilst simultaneously thrusting the table forward and flinging his pencil box, pens and sketchpad to the floor. It was only when Satveer picked himself up and had untangled his feet from the straps of his bag did he realise that his very private sketchbook lay open at Kit’s feet. Satveer’s own superhero ‘Kicking K’ was staring up at kit like a sinkhole into Satveer’s imagination.

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