That’s what Head Students are for!
Thu Mar 1, 2018 16:03

Leo seemed grumpy, which wasn’t unusual for the underclassman. Holland had mostly interacted with him through Quidditch (in previous years) and the Drama Club (this year). He wasn’t the most approachable student Holland had met at RMI, but he wasn’t outright rude to them.

“I mean that the enchantment on the boys’ stairs just sent Buckley to the Headmaster’s office,” Holland said, still standing on the staircase that led to their room. “And the one on this side did the same to Alice.” They walked down the stairs, half expecting to be dropped. The stairs remained solid. If Leo wanted to test it for himself, he could, but Holland didn’t expect it to behave better for him than it had for Buckley.

“I could get your bed if you want,” Holland offered, “but I’m not sure what you’d do with it.” Their offer had mostly been intended as getting clothes, books, or toiletries. That said, it would be simple enough to shrink the bed to the size of dollhouse furniture, bring it to the Common Room, and restore it to the correct size. Then what? Having everyone else camp down here if the staircases didn’t start working again was feasible, but Holland didn’t think nineteen beds would fit with the rest of the furniture in the Common Room. Curfew would probably still be enforced, so everyone would still need to be in Lyra. Some people could sleep in the practice rooms, which might help with the soon-to-be-crowded Common Room. The Common Room didn’t have a bathroom en suite like each dorm room did, which could be a problem come curfew. If everyone would be staying down here, they might have to magic up a sink, or convert one of the practice rooms into a lavatory.

“It would take a lot of magical skill to alter the way the staircases naturally function,” Holland speculated. It seemed safe to assume that over the years, at least one binary student had attempted to circumvent the gender-based spells on the staircases for his or her own reasons. It also seemed reasonable to assume that any students who had tried had been unsuccessful, or that modifications had been made to close exploited loopholes. Holland had a theory that at a certain level of complexity, some enchantments were similar to AIs that were capable of learning and modifying their own code. The school almost certainly fell within that class of magic; unless the stairs had decided to malfunction on their own, interfering with the enchantment would be difficult. “Who has access to the Common Room and is capable of performing that level of enchantment? And why would they?” Opportunity, means, and motive. That was what Professor Taylor had taught them to look for in forensic science.

  • Then maybe you can help me out - Leopold Harris, Tue Feb 27 20:12
    Leo had always thought the password into Lyra was unfair. Sometimes you simply were not in the mood to stand about performing for an inanimate object. Leo never bothered singing to the damn thing,... more
    • That’s what Head Students are for! - Holland, Thu Mar 1 16:03
      • I'd rather not return the favour - Leo, Tue Mar 20 17:01
        “If the stairs are making Buckley disappear I vote for not fixing them,” Leo said, tossing his bookbag on a nearby chair before casting a glance around the common room to see if anyone else was... more
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