Holland Keene
In need of a friend [Tag: Emmett]
Sun Mar 12, 2017 01:04

Unlike Lucien Dubois, Holland Keene was mature enough to finish the lesson after an upsetting argument. After he stomped out of the classroom, Holland’s defending-my-existence adrenaline started to wear off. They returned to their telescope, but it was hard to get the lens to focus with their hands shaking. Holland found it easy to be calm during an argument, but now that they weren’t actually dealing with confrontation, the open anger was catching up, along with some other trembly emotion they couldn’t quite name. Lucien had accused Holland of being mentally unstable and a liar in addition to all the other bigoted things he was saying, and that was a conversation Holland hadn’t had to deal with for a while. They couldn’t remember the last time someone had been so offensively holier-than-thou without invoking religion; it hadn’t happened in five years at RMI, and that was throwing them for a loop. Holland had had responses for Lucien’s counterpoints, but he hadn’t given them a chance to say them. Fine. Whatever.

It was funny that the last thing he’d said was that he didn’t care, only to storm off swearing in vehement French. Lucien clearly cared about being proven so wrong—the change in his accent and tone had said that—but he’d apparently decided to go with denying facts instead of thinking about new information. Egotistical close-minded prick.

Holland took notes on Jupiter’s cloud bands as best they could, using magic to clean up their handwriting before they turned the parchment in to Professor Ramirez. She apparently hadn’t noticed the argument, or hadn’t thought it warranted interrupting. Holland didn’t think professorial intervention would have helped the situation tonight, although they were planning to tell Counselor Tennant about the events of the Astronomy class.

On the walk back to Lyra, the fifth-year wavered on the idea of just taking an angry shower and then going to bed, but by the time they got back to the Common Room it was clear to Holland that they wouldn’t be able to sleep until they talked about this. Without difficulty, Holland climbed the stairs to the boy’s dorms and made a beeline for Emmett’s room. He would almost definitely be asleep at this hour, but Holland thought he wouldn’t be too annoyed given the circumstances.

Holland knocked five times in rapid succession. “I know you were probably asleep and I’m kinda sorry, but I really need to vent to someone,” they said when the door opened. Holland stepped into the room without waiting for an okay from their friend—they usually didn’t wait, and the time probably wouldn’t affect that standing invite—and shut the dorm room door behind them. “I just had this argument with Lucien Dubois,” Holland began, and then launched into the story. It wasn’t quite verbatim, but they hit the highlights: Lucien misgendering them to Zoey Ludlow, Holland correcting him, Lucien’s sanctimonious lectures, Holland’s refutations of his argument, Lucien repeatedly calling them a girl, Holland telling him about the staircases, and Lucien storming off cussing at them. “He’s such an ass,” they concluded, looking at Emmett for confirmation.

    • Indeed a friend - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Mar 12 01:54
      “Mmmmrrr.” It wasn’t English, but it was the best Emmett could offer. The knocking had woken him up, and he could only assume this was important, so he figured he should give some sort of sign that... more
      • Couldn’t ask for a better one - Holland, Sun Mar 12 10:50
        Emmett’s room looked the way Emmett’s room always looked: like a reminder of why Holland had no interest in living with boys. The fifth-year followed their friend’s direction to sit on the bed... more
        • Aw, shucks. - Emmett, Mon Mar 13 03:43
          They hugged him. A physical embrace from Holland wasn’t particularly uncommon. A one-arm hug here and there, something Emmett, who was generally fairly conservative with his physical contact, had... more
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