Katherine Kendrick
I'm good at kicking
Fri Mar 9, 2018 15:10

Everything was positively awful and it was absolutely all Darlene’s fault.

Kit should have gone to the magic carpet thing because if she had, none of this would have happened because Drew would have been hanging out with her and not Prissy-Panties Darlene which meant that Darlene wouldn’t have worked her evil witch-magic on Drew. And Drew would be spending time with Kit and Dade and Remy instead of Darlene, and everything would be right in the entire world. But no. Kit hadn’t gone to the magic carpet thing because Darby hadn’t wanted to. And so Drew had spent time with Darlene and now everything was terrible and there was just a big bubble of angry energy in Kit’s chest that made her want to scream and throw things, preferably heavy things and preferably at Darlene.

She had talked to Dade about what was going on and Dade had scowled. Which was pretty normal, Dade scowled a lot, but he seemed to be extra scowl-y, which Kit would have questioned if she wasn’t absolutely sure that everyone hated Darlene as much as she did. Except Drew. Because Drew had been evil-witch-brainwashed. But Dade had given her some good ideas for things she could do to Darlene that she could probably get away with. Dade said that Kit could get away with things because she was a “tornado on two legs” which Kit thought was unfair, but Dade was always kind of mean so she took it with a grain of salt. And Meanie-Pants Darlene probably thought she was dumber than Dade thought she was, which meant she could get away with even more.

Right now, Kit was upset because she had been looking for Drew everywhere and hadn’t found him, which meant one thing: Darlene had him in her evil grasp. And Kit had absolutely had enough of that.

She stormed into the Lyra commonroom and stormed towards the stairs and was about to storm up the stairs when there was a sound and a crash and something landed in front of her. The second-year looked down to see - a sketchpad. With the words “Kicking K” in bold at the top. And what looked like a superhero, with red hair like hers. It looked kinda cool. Kit looked around to see Satveer all tangled up.

“Are you okay?” Kit rushed over to Satveer. “Do you need help? Is that your drawing? It’s a pretty cool drawing. It’s a superhero, right? I wish I were a superhero, then I could fight my evil supervillain roommate. She’s the worst. She’s stealing my cousin and I can’t even do anything about it!”

  • Kicking K [Tag: Kit] - Satveer, Wed Feb 28 15:40
    Satveer sat hunched over his sketchbook on a table at the side of the common room. He was carefully, methodically, penning the detail onto his latest graphic character using his favourite 0.3 black... more
    • I'm good at kicking - Katherine Kendrick, Fri Mar 9 15:10
      • What else can you do? - Satveer Mittal, Mon Mar 12 08:56
        Satveer’s Sketchbook was his own little world. And that previously unseen, untouched and isolated little world had now been thrust, quite literally, onto display for all to see! Kit’s entrance... more
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