Satveer Mittal
What else can you do?
Mon Mar 12, 2018 08:56

Satveer’s Sketchbook was his own little world. And that previously unseen, untouched and isolated little world had now been thrust, quite literally, onto display for all to see! Kit’s entrance coupled with ‘K’ landing at her feet, had disaster written all over it! Luckily, Kit was somewhat distracted with her roommate or something. At least she didn’t seem realise it was her, in the picture.

Over the last year and a half, Satveer had witnessed enough people get swept up by Kit’s excitement. He knew that really you had no other choice that to just go with it. “I’m OK Thanks” Satveer laughed nervously, his eyes flittering between Kit’s face and his book. “Err, Thanks. That’s ‘K’” Satveer cautiously continued. He hoped to offer enough information to get his sketchbook back, but not enough for Kit to want to pry. Satveer had sort inspiration from lots of people, elves and creatures from RMI for his drawings. However, he apparently found Kit more appealing than most. He’d usually put it down to her expressionistic character, or her vibrancy. However recently, it had been her smile. Whatever it was, it was clear that she featured more than most throughout the book. “She can fly” Satveer smiled, “and I’m fairly sure she can defeat evil roommates as well”

Subconsciously Satveer had already thought about a volcanic wasteland landscape. Thick black, dirt roads lead to the horizon and bones lay all around. A large bone cage with a wooden plaque stating ‘cousins’ carved into it as the shadow of ‘the evil roommate’ loomed ever closer.

Satveer didn’t like seeing Kit upset and he saw an opportunity to both make her smile and disarm her from the ticking-sketchbook-bomb. He carefully maneuvered himself from clutches of his bag that lay on the floor to stand behind his chair. As he bent down to pickup his pens, pencils and case, he asked Kit “What superpowers would you have? You know, to defeat the evil roommate and stop their reign of terror”.

  • I'm good at kicking - Katherine Kendrick, Fri Mar 9 15:10
    Everything was positively awful and it was absolutely all Darlene’s fault. Kit should have gone to the magic carpet thing because if she had, none of this would have happened because Drew would have... more
    • What else can you do? - Satveer Mittal, Mon Mar 12 08:56
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