I'd rather not return the favour
Tue Mar 20, 2018 17:01

“If the stairs are making Buckley disappear I vote for not fixing them,” Leo said, tossing his bookbag on a nearby chair before casting a glance around the common room to see if anyone else was particularly worried for Buckley. Unsurprisingly no one seemed to be rallying a search party for the guy. Buckley may not be Roger Reynolds but he was almost as annoying. Anyone who willingly wore a bow-tie and discussed their beverage choices was not OK with Leo. Maybe with Buckley out of the picture everyone else might actually be able to hear their own thoughts for once. Leo thought about thanking Holland for saving him from flopping down next to two of the most obnoxious people populating the school, Buckley and his good friend Toby, a fate which would surely result in his expulsion because Leo didn’t think he could resist aiming a kick at Buckley if he had to spend more than fifteen minutes in his presence, but then he decided that Holland’s self-esteem wasn’t so fragile that they required superficial thank yous. Sometimes he forgot he was no longer forced to deal with Reynold’s fragile mental state on a daily basis.

Holland’s sincere offer to fetch his bed caused Leo’s mouth to twist upwards in a smile and he had to choke down a laugh. He hadn’t expected Holland to rise to the challenge, and although the suggestion that Holland thought Leo was the sort of person who would make someone move their bedroom downstairs, bit by bit, was slightly insulting it made Leo wonder what else Holland would be willinging to do in their quest to be the best head student ever. In that moment Leo both admired and pitied Holland, his expression switching from amusement to gratitude, he quickly rebuffed their offer, “Nah, that’s ok. There’s a perfectly good couch over there I can make my own.” Currently, two younger students whose names he choose not to learn, had claimed it for some sad little study session but Leo could get rid of them easily enough. If he was really lucky, he might be able to get them to go up the stairs and see the staircase in action for himself.

Leo had been enjoying this thought so much he hadn’t realised Holland was still talking to him, they seemed to be asking a lot of questions and although Leo really was grateful for their help, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be recruited for a ‘whodunnit’ adventure. Feeling a little out of his depth Leo stood, mouth gaping open, and wished Holland would stop firing questions around like that. Leo was not equipped to handle this sort of critical thinking!

“Uuuuh, I dunno know,” Leo said stupidly, running a hand through his too-short hair once more, “it’s not much of a prank. Not that RMI has many pranksters in attendance, none smart enough to pull this off anyway.”

Leo didn’t get pranks. They were not enjoyable. They just upset people, made a huge mess for someone to clean up, and were obviously carried out by imbeciles who still thought the whoopie-cushion was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Although it would have been great to see Buckley fall through the stairs so he’d give them a point for that. If he was honest, Leo couldn’t care less who pineappled the stairs up, he just wanted to flip through a Quidditch magazine, maybe have a nap but the damn stairs debacle was making that a bit difficult.

  • That’s what Head Students are for! - Holland, Thu Mar 1 16:03
    Leo seemed grumpy, which wasn’t unusual for the underclassman. Holland had mostly interacted with him through Quidditch (in previous years) and the Drama Club (this year). He wasn’t the most... more
    • I'd rather not return the favour - Leo, Tue Mar 20 17:01
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