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Tue Apr 10, 2018 16:02

“Claudia hexed me.” At once Danny experienced symptoms similar to how he’d expect to feel if a bucket of ice water had been emptied over his head. He was shocked, his senses numbed beyond an icy fury that spread fast through his chest. If he hadn’t already been subject to one of Claudia’s hexes himself, he would have struggled to believe that his timid, mild-mannered and well-behaved younger sister had spoken a harsh word to Holland, let alone drawn her wand against them. Yet since he had experienced his personal worst fear as a result of Claudia’s inability to rationally deal with her emotions, he could easily believe that she had found a way to similarly rattle Holland, too.

“Claudia,” he repeated, his expression thunderous, his voice low; it wasn’t a question. Merlin, had she used the same spell? He still hadn’t discovered anything about it, but he had written down the incantation and was prepared to take it to … maybe not Professor Embers, nothing about her countenance suggested she had much knowledge of dark magic, despite her role as the DADA teacher, but he was determined to find out more about the hex, including how Claudia had come to know it in the first place. Regardless of the spell used, he was absolutely disgusted with his sister. If she had crossed a line by hexing Danny, she had obliterated it by going after Holland. “She asked me to break up with you,” they said. Danny felt his jaw clench. He didn’t think he’d ever been this mad before; the last time that came close, he’d picked a fight with Ruben. Right now Danny had half a mind to find Claudia and snap her wand in half, despite his more reasonable half acknowledging it wouldn’t help.

“I’ll be fine,” Holland said. While Danny didn’t doubt that - Holland was strong, and was unlikely to let someone as petty as Claudia have any lasting impact - they clearly weren’t fine now. It took some effort to force aside his sudden compulsion to make Claudia thoroughly regret daring to raise her wand against Holland, despite Holland’s current distress being his primary immediate concern. He looked down to where his hand was resting against them.

“You’re shaking,” he murmured, his remaining outrage slipping somewhere to the back of his mind to be dealt with later. Danny’s fingertips brushed down Holland’s arm, and he firmly held their hand in his. He glanced at the couch, but the commonroom felt too public a space for this moment. He considered his dormitory, but that, conversely, felt too private. Decisively Danny gently led Holland to one of the practise rooms off the commons main. He closed the door, securing them a soundproof sanctuary, and retained hold of their hand as he looked into their blue-green eyes, worryingly devoid of their usual positive determination. “What happened?” he asked softly. They had already told him about the argument, and Aaron; they would understand he was asking about the spell.

(OOC: Holland's accompanying Danny approved by their author)

  • You’re not gonna like the answer - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 10 11:06
    After Aaron dismissed them, Holland made their way to the Lyra Common Room, almost on autopilot. They weren’t sure what they wanted to do right now, but first things first: they had to tell Danny.... more
    • There is no good answer - Dardanius, Tue Apr 10 16:02
      • Then you might be disappointed - Holland, Wed Apr 11 06:00
        Danny hadn’t known, based on his rapid pivot from concern to shock to outrage. Even last year when they had argued and yelled at each other, Holland didn’t think they had ever seen him this mad, but... more
        • That much is apparent - Danny, Wed Apr 11 09:39
          Danny wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that Claudia had used a different spell. The hex she’d cast on Danny had been so destructive to his emotional state, he’d be alarmed if she ever used it... more
          • There must be a silver lining - Holland, Thu Apr 12 05:16
            Both Danny and Emmett had grown taller than Holland over the last two years. They didn’t think heels high enough to make them taller than Emmett existed, but they were close enough in height to Danny ... more
            • Every cloud has one - Danny, Thu Apr 12 15:13
              Danny had interpreted Holland taking his other hand as a sign they would be comfortable with more intimate contact, which they confirmed as they leaned into his embrace. Both Lyras had understood... more
              • At least, that’s what I’ve heard - Holland, Fri Apr 13 15:15
                “A lot better now,” Holland said, still not quite able to match Danny’s genuine smile, but making an effort. They felt a rush of affection that surpassed their usual feelings for Danny. It wasn’t... more
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