The Lyra Commonroom
Just spreading some cheer
Tue Apr 10, 2018 19:51

It was a few days after the big return to RMI and the evening meal had been about as eventful as one would expect for this time of year. Some students had cracked open a book to study over their plates, which was a form of multitasking that might or might not prove effective. Some professors had shut books to actually focus on one thing at a time, which in this particular moment meant their own meals. This was a weeknight like any other. Apart from the fact that, without any warning whatsoever, the denizens of Lyra House would return after dinner to find their shared commons full of capital-S Stuff.

What kinds of Stuff, exactly? Personal-belonging kinds of Stuff. To answer the question more precisely than that would take more than an initial glance Ďround the room. (Not necessarily a more in-depth stare, but lots of repeated glances, perhaps twelve at minimum.)

Strewn across the mismatched couches was an equally eclectic wardrobe, including a collection of socks that seemed to all be missing their mates and some blindingly bright tee shirts, at least one of which had been apparently Bedazzled by an enthusiastic amateur. There was a stash of toiletries on an armchair; the hairbrush on the chairís arm looked less than useful, being completely clogged with long, red curls. A very hairy brush couldnít be very conducive to brushing hair. Of less questionable practicality was the Quidditch gear by the fireplace, although the colourful laces and/or shiny ribbons woven through the padding was an individual feature worth questioning, although maybe not after all in the context of coloured pencils and other art supplies nearby. Also set out nearby was a small stash of sweets, varying between those in proper wrappers and those wrapped improperly and those not wrapped in anything that could stop the cookie crumbs from crumbling away. Finally, as if trying to connect all this Stuff into something cohesive yet succeeding only in making a more confusing picture, there was a complete set of bedding folded neatly on the floor at the roomís precise centre, a pillow and a set of pyjamas stacked on top, and an empty terrarium on top of that, and then another pillow yet another level up.

So at the end of the day, this wasnít really a weeknight like any other, not at all. It was surely going to be a challenge for the student whose Stuff this was to proceed with her usual night routine when all of her belongings were not in their usual places. The inconvenience of one girlís Stuff being spread all over the shared living space (how did such a young student even have this much Stuff?) would also likely create a challenge even for those Lyras whose names didnít start with K.

    • That's not cheer - Myfanwy Owen, Tue Apr 17 16:21
      Before dinner Myffi had spoken to Toby about the event she wanted to hold at school later in the term. He was enthusiastically supportive of her ideas, as usual, which is why she had been able to... more
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