Emmett Lawrence
Indeed a friend
Sun Mar 12, 2017 01:54

“Mmmmrrr.” It wasn’t English, but it was the best Emmett could offer. The knocking had woken him up, and he could only assume this was important, so he figured he should give some sort of sign that he was up (ish), functioning (debateable), and on his way to the door (even though he tripped over a textbook and almost fell to his death).

The fourth year opened the door, and his one open eye discovered Holland standing before him. Although not for long, as they immediately said something involving an apology and the need to vent and came right on in. The room was, of course, a mess. With the floor and chair covered, Emmett motioned for the older Lyra to have the bed. “Go ahead,” he yawned, rubbing the sleep out of the eye that was yet to focus.

It didn’t take long, however, because as Holland spoke, Emmett felt his tired dopiness quickly be replaced by a bubbling anger in the pit of his stomach. “What the hell?” he marvelled. How could Lucien Dubois be such a piece of crap? “Alright, so should I go punch him now, or wait until morning? Or maybe tomorrow evening, when he’s probably growing comfortable and unsuspecting?”

“Seriously,” he went on. “I’m glad it sounds like you destroyed him, but I’m totally in for beating him up if you want him destroyed physically, too. I could even push him down a short set of stairs. I know how to make it look like an accident so I don’t get in trouble.” It was a tip his brother had given him, and while he typically ignored whatever Mikey said, this one - while still completely and thoroughly dumb - seemed strangely viable. The trick was the push the person, and then fall down the stairs after them. You could cushion your own fall by landing on them, which would then hurt them some more in the process.

“Whatever you want,” Emmett concluded, smiling supportively at his friend. “I’m on your team, all issues, all the time.”

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    Unlike Lucien Dubois, Holland Keene was mature enough to finish the lesson after an upsetting argument. After he stomped out of the classroom, Holland’s defending-my-existence adrenaline started to... more
    • Indeed a friend - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Mar 12 01:54
      • Couldn’t ask for a better one - Holland, Sun Mar 12 10:50
        Emmett’s room looked the way Emmett’s room always looked: like a reminder of why Holland had no interest in living with boys. The fifth-year followed their friend’s direction to sit on the bed... more
        • Aw, shucks. - Emmett, Mon Mar 13 03:43
          They hugged him. A physical embrace from Holland wasn’t particularly uncommon. A one-arm hug here and there, something Emmett, who was generally fairly conservative with his physical contact, had... more
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