That much is apparent
Wed Apr 11, 2018 09:39

Danny wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that Claudia had used a different spell. The hex she’d cast on Danny had been so destructive to his emotional state, he’d be alarmed if she ever used it against anyone else. However Holland didn’t look like they’d just been hit with a mild jinx, and as they continued to explain the effects of the spell, Danny was horrified. “For a couple of seconds I believed the things she believes.” There was a marked difference between expressing your point of view with words and forcing another person to appreciate it by magical manipulation of their mind. Didn’t Claudia realise that?

Yet more astonishing were the details of Claudia’s personal feelings about Holland (and, by extension, himself, but Danny wasn’t concerned about himself right now). He trusted completely that Holland would not embellish or exaggerate any aspect of this encounter, which meant he had catastrophically misjudged Claudia. Dardanius had warned her to be careful selecting words to talk about Holland; he’d assumed she was just trying to bait him. He hadn’t realised she genuinely harboured negative feelings about them, not least because she had professed a prior friendship with Holland, she listened to their advice, and had started speaking to him again (albeit infrequently) since Holland had dined with them. He really thought Claudia liked Holland, and accepted them - when they weren’t dating Danny, of course - and that all her concerns over their relationship were to do with the patriarchy and her future. He was ashamed to have been so fully deceived. Patience and respect may no longer be his preferred methods of dealing with Claudia.

He let Holland finish speaking, and when they were done he was not at all surprised they’d been shaking, although the tremors were lessening now. Danny loosened his hold of Holland’s hands, breaking contact for just a moment before deftly enveloping them in his arms. He held them close, as if this could protect them from further harm.

He didn’t know how to address most of the unimaginable things Claudia had thought, or felt, or done, but there was one point he could make clear. “You have not, nor could you ever, ruin my life.” Holland was indisputably the best thing about his life. If he’d never met them, or if they hadn’t taken time and been patient with Danny, he might still be the narrow minded, prejudiced… he’d be just like Claudia. People shouldn’t have to excuse or defend their identity to anyone. Holland had taught him that. He kissed them lightly, his lips briefly brushing against their cheek. “You are valid and important,” he quietly told them things they already knew, but might need reminding about just now.

Danny drew back sufficiently to meet Holland’s gaze again. “I’m sorry,” he said. He knew Claudia better than most, and he hadn’t realised she would target Holland. He hadn’t understood the level of her intolerance. He had made promises that he would protect Holland from exactly this sort of pureblood elitist crap, and he hadn’t seen it coming from his own sister. “I’m sorry about Claudia. I had no idea.”

  • Then you might be disappointed - Holland, Wed Apr 11 06:00
    Danny hadn’t known, based on his rapid pivot from concern to shock to outrage. Even last year when they had argued and yelled at each other, Holland didn’t think they had ever seen him this mad, but... more
    • That much is apparent - Danny, Wed Apr 11 09:39
      • There must be a silver lining - Holland, Thu Apr 12 05:16
        Both Danny and Emmett had grown taller than Holland over the last two years. They didn’t think heels high enough to make them taller than Emmett existed, but they were close enough in height to Danny ... more
        • Every cloud has one - Danny, Thu Apr 12 15:13
          Danny had interpreted Holland taking his other hand as a sign they would be comfortable with more intimate contact, which they confirmed as they leaned into his embrace. Both Lyras had understood... more
          • At least, that’s what I’ve heard - Holland, Fri Apr 13 15:15
            “A lot better now,” Holland said, still not quite able to match Danny’s genuine smile, but making an effort. They felt a rush of affection that surpassed their usual feelings for Danny. It wasn’t... more
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