At least, that’s what I’ve heard
Fri Apr 13, 2018 15:15

“A lot better now,” Holland said, still not quite able to match Danny’s genuine smile, but making an effort. They felt a rush of affection that surpassed their usual feelings for Danny. It wasn’t just his siding with Holland against his sister, or his reassuring them about the confidences Claudia had shaken the most, or his physical presence beside them, but a combination of all these things that had made Holland feel they could be safely vulnerable, and made them feel steady again now. They were glad to hear him confirm that there was a potential future for which to be ready. Danny usually chose the easier of two alternatives, and while Holland knew that breaking up might be easier, it wouldn’t be better. If they decided the relationship was too difficult because of this incident, then Claudia and all the intolerant people like her won.

Should I ask someone to check in on you later?” Should he? Holland didn’t think that would be necessary. Then Danny suggested Marley, and Holland’s expression turned pensive. They were the closest to Marley out of the girls in Lyra. Bringing her up in the argument with Claudia had admittedly not been their best-planned or least-petty move. Should they say something to her about Claudia, in case this affected how her former friend treated her? Would Marley ask why Holland needed to be checked on? Of the other girls they knew well, Myffi would probably ask what was going on, and Holland didn’t feel like either lying or answering; Kit wouldn’t ask, but Holland wasn’t in such a bad state that they needed Kit Kendrick looking after them. If they started to feel worse again, they knew where to find Danny and Emmett.

Staying with Emmett would be the best option if they needed to not be alone tonight. Holland would tell him what had happened regardless. He wasn’t the springiest slinky in the store, but Emmett was a great best friend to have when you were upset and needed someone to commiserate with you or cheer you up. In fact it was… new that their first instinct after leaving the administrative quarters had been to approach Danny for comfort, not Emmett. In the past, they had always sought Emmett for things like this. Holland didn’t think that the change was only because it was Danny’s sister who had fought with them, or because it was their and Danny’s relationship they had fought about. When Holland had good news—like when they had finished all their college applications last semester—they wanted to tell Danny first too, so that he could celebrate with them. If Emmett wasn’t the first person they wanted to talk to about everything anymore, did that make him not their best friend? Holland didn’t know, and it concerned them a little, but they decided that “who is my best friend and what does that mean?” wasn’t a worry they needed to focus on right now.

One thing they should be concerned about: remembering to tell Emmett not to punch Claudia when they told him what had happened. Claudia could already tell her parents that Holland had disparaged their culture, used magic against her, ruined her dress, and gotten her in trouble; Holland didn’t need to add “and had their friends attack me” to that list. Ugh. This is a mess. The last thing they needed was for Danny’s parents to withdraw their support for the relationship because Claudia had picked a fight with Holland.

“I think I’m good. I’ll figure out what I’m doing tonight later,” Holland said, playing off the uncertainty. “Right now let’s just… go back to the common room and hang out like we’d planned?” Maybe with more cuddling than normal. Holland wasn’t usually much for public displays of affection, but they wouldn’t object if Danny kept holding them right now.

  • Every cloud has one - Danny, Thu Apr 12 15:13
    Danny had interpreted Holland taking his other hand as a sign they would be comfortable with more intimate contact, which they confirmed as they leaned into his embrace. Both Lyras had understood... more
    • At least, that’s what I’ve heard - Holland, Fri Apr 13 15:15
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