Claudia Dubois
Mail for Marley Chapman
Tue May 8, 2018 14:52

(OOC: continued from Cetus)

With some effort, Claudia sat up, and moved from her bed to the small writing desk she had installed in her single dormitory. Having selected a fresh sheet of parchment and her favourite quill, Claudia began to write.

Dear Marley,

I appreciate your expression of concern. Please be assured I am physically unharmed.

You have declared your preference against reforming our friendship, so please be assured I will not make any attempts to do so. Concordantly you ought to understand you have no privilege of friendship with me; I am not obligated to share personal details of my experiences, especially with people who proclaim to be uncomfortable with everything I have done.

While you seem sure of how I feel about you, I cannot myself profess any certainty; I miss you, too. However, your feelings regarding me are quite apparent. Therefore I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours, and hope that my actions cease to be so offensive to you.

Cordially, Claudia

Her face devoid of expression, Claudia lowered her quill and sat motionless for a moment, her countenance as calm on the outside as her thoughts were frantic on the inside. Throughout her friendship with Marley there had been moments of tension, and disagreements about relatively important values, but they had come through it. While this last argument had lasted considerably longer than most, Claudia had been hoping assuming it, too, would come to an end. The letter she had received was the disappointing evidence that she had been wrong.

With a sigh, Claudia folded the page and sealed it with dark green wax and an ornately curled ‘C’ stamp, the same way she had sealed every letter she had ever written to Marley. She stood from her chair and crossed to the door, debating whether to bother with an owl or to just find a Lyra to deliver the message for her. There was a scratching scuffling sound as she turned the doorknob, followed by a faint thump, and Claudia opened the door to discover Mister Sprockets looking confused and ruffled on the floor. “You were waiting?” she asked incredulously. She retreated into her room once more, and returned with a handful of trail mix. When the bird had pecked it from her hand (she couldn’t tell if he was overeager or intentionally trying to peck her skin in the process; Laertes II would never be so poorly behaved), Claudia smoothed his ruffled feathers and gave him the letter to deliver. “So long, Mister Sprockets.” She doubted she would ever interact with that particular owl again.

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