No order without chaos?
Fri May 11, 2018 09:24

If Kit had moved out, like Leo suggested, wouldn’t she have maybe put her stuff into a more ordered and organised… no wait, this was Kit. This was about right. Myffi liked the second year a lot, but she was like a bottle of pop that had been shaken up; she wouldn’t be surprised if the current state of the Lyra commonroom resembled the second year girls’ dormitory on a regular basis. With an enormous spider and a roommate who couldn’t keep her stuff tidy, not to mention it was no secret that the younger girls didn’t get along, Myffi did feel a twinge of sympathy for Darlene. “Kit’s not weird,” she argued distractedly - she opposed to the term, having had it applied to herself on many more than one occasion - as she picked up a pair of jeans and folded them over her arm. Okay, Leo hadn’t called Kit weird, just her friends, but the implication was there. The younger Lyra was friendly and enthusiastic and creative, and they were all traits Myffi admired.

“I’m helping Kit declutter!” Leo declared. Myffi shook her head and sighed. She obviously didn’t condone stealing another student’s stuff, but when it was all over the place like this, Myfanwy doubted that Kit would actually notice, and she was certain that Leo would completely ignore her if she told him not to.

“And taking a cut for yourself,” she said to let him know that his actions had not gone unnoticed. Still, she decided not to interrupt further as she set about levitating clothes and books and art supplies into neat piles around the already conspicuously folded bed clothes. If Kit noticed that anything important had gone missing, Myffi would help her look for it (and would begin by interrogating Leo). If she was just down a couple of packets of sweets, Myfanwy would gladly run the errand to Pearl Street to buy her some more (obviously she’d choose organic, fairtrade chocolate and vegan jelly beans, but she wouldn’t ask Kit for the money - it must be hard living with someone you didn’t get along with).

“Well she can’t exactly just live down’ere,” Myfanwy unnecessarily stated the obvious. “She can stay in my room if she needs to escape for a couple of nights but it’s hardly a long term solution.” Now she considered it, Myffi didn’t think that segregating students by gender and year was necessarily the best way to house students. They should be able to sign up to have roomates or something, that would be fun. Then people who wanted to share could, and people who’d rather be on their own had that option. Headmaster Toby had listened to lots of her suggestions for improvements to students’ well being, like he supported AgriClub, and he’d helped to ensure the Diner now served exclusively free range eggs, and he had approved Myffi’s new campaign for recycling (it going to be up and running as soon as she finished preparations), so maybe she would consider suggesting overhauling the sleeping arrangements system. She enjoyed being in a position where she could affect real change without too much resistance.

  • Had you asked Leo a few months ago he never would have foreseen a day when he would tolerate Myffi’s company, nevermind a time when he’d actually enjoy it, but here he was finding himself glad to... more
    • No order without chaos? - Myffi, Fri May 11 09:24
      • Now you're getting it! - Leo, Fri May 11 11:09
        Leo quirked an eyebrow at Myffi. Not weird? Ha. Kit was the definition of weird. Leo may not have been the authority on Kit, his interactions with her mostly taking place on the Quidditch Pitch, but... more
        • I don't support your theory - Myffi, Sun May 13 15:07
          Leo tried to backtrack on calling Kit (or her friends) weird, which was nice of him. She was a little unusual, but how dull would the world be if everyone was the same? Leo even went on to say that... more
          • OK. But you're wrong. - Leo, Sun May 13 17:17
            Leo decided he liked it when Myffi laughed. She didn’t have one of those obnoxious laughs- the sort that seemed too boastful- desperate to convey to everyone just how insanely happy they were- to be... more
            • That’s your opinion - Myffi, Tue May 15 10:28
              Was it tough coming in when everyone already had friendship groups? Myffi wasn’t sure. She’d managed to make some friends just fine, although they did all seem to have other people they liked to... more
              • The right opinion. - Leo, Wed May 16 12:25
                Leo didn’t know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldn’t say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested ... more
                • Myffi nodded in empathy at Leo’s mother wanting him to be homeschooled, too. Myfanwy had the best of both worlds, she supposed, by going to a Muggle school and learning magic secretly at home. It did ... more
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