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Fri May 11, 2018 11:09

Leo quirked an eyebrow at Myffi. Not weird? Ha. Kit was the definition of weird. Leo may not have been the authority on Kit, his interactions with her mostly taking place on the Quidditch Pitch, but it was obvious to even the most distant observer that Kit was what Jeb would call ‘a real character’. Myffi, however seemed to be one of those word sensitive people and the W word had hit a nerve. She was after all, pretty odd herself and given what he knew of her family situation and hippie lifestyle he wouldn’t be surprised if like him, she been tarred with the W word often enough over the years. “I didn’t mean like, bad weird,” he quickly corrected, trying to think of a way to explain himself without uttering the word ‘special’, “just, ugh...well, you know what I mean.”

He slipped his glasses off and fumbled awkwardly with the wonky wing for a moment before shoving them back on. Things had been going well between Myffi and him, and Leo didn’t want her to think he was a total jerk. Feeling a need to clarify things he added, “I like Kit. She’s got a lot of potential as a beater,” he let out a low chuckle, “if only she could just focus a bit better.”

Watching Myffi sort out Kit’s stuff made Leo’s gut twist uncomfortably. The weight of the candy in his pocket began to drag uncomfortably but it was not enough to make him put them back. Kit was hyper enough. She didn't need the sugar. Leo was doing her a favour. Still, he found himself sighing, and pulled out his wand to help Myffi tidy things up a little. “She better appreciate this,” he grumbled. Leo normally didn't even clean for his own comfort, so helping Kit out was a big moment for him. Sadly, Leo suspected he'd have to pat himself on the back later. Nobody around this place ever gave recognition when it was actually deserved. They preferred to congratulate themselves on throwing mediocre parties.

He thought Myffi was being a little naive offering her room like that. As much as Leo might find Kit Kendrick amusing there was no chance he’d ever willingly let her near his room, who knows what would be left standing when she was finished with the place. Besides, privacy at a boarding school was hard to get, to go giving it away like that was insane. Sometimes he worried that Myffi was living her life by sticking to some stifling moral code. Whilst Leo could admit that people needed to adhere to some basic morals for society to run smoothly, he also felt that society was filled with too many suckers who followed the rules blindly, and at the end of the day those were the people that would get walked all over. Leo had no intention of growing up to be one of those suckers. He was more than willing to be a bit morally ambiguous if it meant he’d get to win every now and then but, he didn’t think Myffi would appreciate his ‘everyone for themself’ attitude so he kept this to himself. However, he couldn’t help but pass on a small warning, “I don’t know whether to say you’re being nice or brave,” he raised his hands in a motion of surrender, “I’m just gonna tell you from experience, rooming with younger kids is never fun. You will regret it.”

  • No order without chaos? - Myffi, Fri May 11 09:24
    If Kit had moved out, like Leo suggested, wouldn’t she have maybe put her stuff into a more ordered and organised… no wait, this was Kit. This was about right. Myffi liked the second year a lot, but... more
    • Now you're getting it! - Leo, Fri May 11 11:09
      • I don't support your theory - Myffi, Sun May 13 15:07
        Leo tried to backtrack on calling Kit (or her friends) weird, which was nice of him. She was a little unusual, but how dull would the world be if everyone was the same? Leo even went on to say that... more
        • OK. But you're wrong. - Leo, Sun May 13 17:17
          Leo decided he liked it when Myffi laughed. She didn’t have one of those obnoxious laughs- the sort that seemed too boastful- desperate to convey to everyone just how insanely happy they were- to be... more
          • That’s your opinion - Myffi, Tue May 15 10:28
            Was it tough coming in when everyone already had friendship groups? Myffi wasn’t sure. She’d managed to make some friends just fine, although they did all seem to have other people they liked to... more
            • The right opinion. - Leo, Wed May 16 12:25
              Leo didn’t know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldn’t say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested ... more
              • Myffi nodded in empathy at Leo’s mother wanting him to be homeschooled, too. Myfanwy had the best of both worlds, she supposed, by going to a Muggle school and learning magic secretly at home. It did ... more
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