I don't support your theory
Sun May 13, 2018 15:07

Leo tried to backtrack on calling Kit (or her friends) weird, which was nice of him. She was a little unusual, but how dull would the world be if everyone was the same? Leo even went on to say that he liked Kit, so Myffi decided that maybe Leo was one of those people who, like her, appreciated a little eccentricity. The two of them were friends, after all, and Myfanwy knew very well that she wasn’t strictly ordinary in many ways, so it was totally believable that actually Leo just liked people who were, as he put it, ‘weird.’ She kind of liked him a bit more for that.

The younger student rose a little further in her estimation as Leo started to help her clear the commons. “I’m sure she’ll appreciate it,” Myffi smiled, pairing some socks together but giving up quickly when it seemed like several of them actually didn’t have a matching partner. She was smiling because it was fun hanging out with Leo again, and they should definitely do it more, and because he was just so lovely under all that grumpiness. She’d never met a bunch of people so keen to make everyone believe they weren’t approachable as the students at RMI. Alright she didn’t like Kaye very much, but Leo and Ruben and Rose were all giving different signals that other students should back away, and Myffi found them all delightful. It was such nonsense.

When Myfanwy voiced aloud her plan to offer Kit a space in her room for a couple of nights, Leo replied, “I don’t know whether to say you’re being nice or brave,” Myffi looked at him, surprised by this response. “Rooming with younger kids is never fun. You will regret it,” he asserted.

“I’m just being considerate,” she said with a laugh, brushing her dark hair back over her shoulder out of the way. “I’ve never really shared a room with anyone,” Myffi acknowledged, “but I sometimes have to sleep in a tent with other people on the commune. It’s fine. At least here there’s a proper bed and walls and a bathroom and everything,” she chuckled. “I was so looking forward to having a roommate when I started school here,” she confessed. “I got my own room, instead, so I really don’t mind if my friends want to come and sleepover every once in a while.” She was still smiling at Leo, but this time it was equal parts pity and amusement. “You really don’t like it? What’s so wrong with sharing?" Blue eyes regarded Leo through the lenses of Myffi's rose gold, round-framed spectacles. "Aren’t you just, like, asleep? I wouldn’t think it would make all that much difference.”

  • Now you're getting it! - Leo, Fri May 11 11:09
    Leo quirked an eyebrow at Myffi. Not weird? Ha. Kit was the definition of weird. Leo may not have been the authority on Kit, his interactions with her mostly taking place on the Quidditch Pitch, but... more
    • I don't support your theory - Myffi, Sun May 13 15:07
      • OK. But you're wrong. - Leo, Sun May 13 17:17
        Leo decided he liked it when Myffi laughed. She didn’t have one of those obnoxious laughs- the sort that seemed too boastful- desperate to convey to everyone just how insanely happy they were- to be... more
        • That’s your opinion - Myffi, Tue May 15 10:28
          Was it tough coming in when everyone already had friendship groups? Myffi wasn’t sure. She’d managed to make some friends just fine, although they did all seem to have other people they liked to... more
          • The right opinion. - Leo, Wed May 16 12:25
            Leo didn’t know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldn’t say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested ... more
            • Myffi nodded in empathy at Leo’s mother wanting him to be homeschooled, too. Myfanwy had the best of both worlds, she supposed, by going to a Muggle school and learning magic secretly at home. It did ... more
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