OK. But you're wrong.
Sun May 13, 2018 17:17

Leo decided he liked it when Myffi laughed. She didn’t have one of those obnoxious laughs- the sort that seemed too boastful- desperate to convey to everyone just how insanely happy they were- to be real. Really, there wasn’t much about Myffi that was obnoxious so he shouldn’t have been surprised that her laugh was such a pleasing sound, but he was. He nodded as Myffi shared her desire for a roommate, “I guess having a roommate would help if you’re a transfer. It must be tough coming in when everyone’s already in their little friend groups.” He'd been excited to get a roommate when he had started RMI but he’d also been eleven, and had asked his mom only two months prior if magic meant that the tooth fairy was real- so not the brightest eleven year old at that.

Even the small amount of cleaning they had conducted had made a notable difference to the room and Leo took a moment to allow himself to feel smug. Unlike Myffi, he was not the sort of person to carry out charity without feeling like it made him an exceptionally kind individual. He deserved some serious karma for this or at least enough to see him safely through the rest of the year. Suddenly struck with a thought, he wondered aloud, “Hey, why did you come to RMI anyway?” Leo’s cheeks turned pink as he realised he’d never bothered to ask before.

As Myffi quizzed Leo about his deep dislike of roommates, the corners of his mouth tugged upwards threatening to burst into a toothy grin. Leo was finding it hard to maintain his signature scowl with Myffi smiling at him so goddamn much. He bit down on his bottom lip and furrowed his brow, eventually quipping back, “It does if you care about your sleeping pattern...Roger and I, uh we never really got on. Shocking, I’m sure,” he said, aware that he probably droned on about his old roommate more than people cared to hear, “I dunno maybe it’s better if you room with someone you actually like.”

Leo doubted it but he didn’t want to ruin the fairy-tale for Myffi. She was probably one of those girls who’d made friendship bracelets as a kid and it was sweet that she thought roommates could be best friends. Leo suspected that the rooming situation probably bred more enemies than anything else. Teenagers, all hormonal and homesick, forced to live with strangers from all sorts of backgrounds? It was the perfect environment for resentment to breed. Kit and Darlene's situation seemed to support his theory. With this in mind, he gave Myffi a quizzical glance, “Don’t you ever get sick of being around people?” When they’d first met Leo had found Myffi to be a bit phony. She was just too nice, too friendly and he’d found it unsettling. When someone was extra nice to him, Leo always assumed they were messing with him, and would go off and laugh about it with their friends later. Now he believed that Myffi really was just as nice as she appeared, still it would be reassuring to know that even Myffi harboured some secret resentment against someone. Hell, he’d even be happy to hear her badmouth a teacher.

“Anyway, I prefer having my own room at school- wouldn’t mind having my own space at home too, but I guess sharing a room still beats sleeping in a tent,” he conceded, masking his concern as amusement. Leo had actually done a lot of camping when he was younger and they moved around more, and despite what he had said, he didn’t mind sleeping in a tent but he was beginning to become worried that Myffi was in some sort of cult. Perhaps, he should recommend she have a chat with Holland. Holland would know how to break the news about the cult more gently than Leo (Leo wasn’t exactly known for his tact) and maybe even offer her some advice on the best way to escape it.

  • I don't support your theory - Myffi, Sun May 13 15:07
    Leo tried to backtrack on calling Kit (or her friends) weird, which was nice of him. She was a little unusual, but how dull would the world be if everyone was the same? Leo even went on to say that... more
    • OK. But you're wrong. - Leo, Sun May 13 17:17
      • That’s your opinion - Myffi, Tue May 15 10:28
        Was it tough coming in when everyone already had friendship groups? Myffi wasn’t sure. She’d managed to make some friends just fine, although they did all seem to have other people they liked to... more
        • The right opinion. - Leo, Wed May 16 12:25
          Leo didn’t know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldn’t say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested ... more
          • Myffi nodded in empathy at Leo’s mother wanting him to be homeschooled, too. Myfanwy had the best of both worlds, she supposed, by going to a Muggle school and learning magic secretly at home. It did ... more
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