I have Feelings about this
Mon May 14, 2018 23:52

If Marley had been upset before, just by learning that her former BFF had been centimetres away from getting barbequed (at least, that was how Heather had made it sound, although she was still a little unclear on whether or not Heather had actually observed it because some of her details suggested she had but according to Holland she had been in class at the time but then again Myffi only ever had nice things to say about Heather so surely Heather wasnít lying but then where did she get her information? It was almost enough to make one crack a ĎSheís a witch!í joke except she was literally a witch, and so was Marley, and everyone at RMI, if you ignored the gendered terminology), well then she didnít know what word was appropriate to describe how she was feeling now. Upset still fit, but it wasnít the same time of upset as before. Before had been a worried-upset. Now it was more of an almost-angry-upset but-not-actually-angry-justÖupset upset.

She hadnít expected Claudia to write a response at all, so the fact that Mister Sprockets came back not too long after she sent him out and didnít have empty talons was already a surprise. A nice surprise, even. Her letter to Claudia had been written out of genuine concern and care for her ex-friend, and she had really tried to explain, despite there not being enough words to explain properly, that she wished so much that they could be friends again and everything could go back to normal. The Canadian sincerely missed sitting opposite each other at mealtimes, and working together on class projects, and long interesting conversations when they didnít make her cringe, although some of their cringier talks hadnít gone so bad, and the times when she had to backtrack to explain references Claudia didnít get and there were subtle expressions Claudia made in response that she had chosen to interpret as concealed amusement, and well, all of it.

But after re-reading it twice - once in her head and once out loud to Mister Sprockets, who was not the best listener on account of being more interested in dunking his head in his water dish, but he was the only other thing with ears in her dorm right now - after re-reading, and after all that effort in writing her original letter, it seemed like Claudia hadnít gotten the point of her letter at all! Marley huffed out a frustrated sigh and flopped on her back. The angle of her bed underneath her meant that one of her shoulder blades and half her head were sticking off the edge, which was uncomfortable but still more comfortable than re-reading the letter again and getting her hopes snapped again.

She re-read it anyways, fingers twisting the edges of the paper and purple-painted nails digging into the broken, waxy seal on the opposite side. And this time, she read it as if the other girl was blaming her for their lost friendship. Seriously? Claudia claimed not to know how she felt, which Marley could understand as she didnít totally know how she felt either, but then she claimed to know how Marley felt, which was ironic since she also claimed Marley knew how she felt and that was false. U g h . What was she supposed to do now?

Attempting another letter today didnít sound like a good idea. Although she wasnít sure what she would write, she was pretty confident that it wouldnít come off nearly as put-together andÖ and cold as Claudiaís letter had been. She could sleep on it. Or stay awake on it. That was also an option.

  • Mail for Marley Chapman - Claudia Dubois, Tue May 8 14:52
    (OOC: continued from Cetus) With some effort, Claudia sat up, and moved from her bed to the small writing desk she had installed in her single dormitory. Having selected a fresh sheet of parchment... more
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