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Wed May 16, 2018 12:25

Leo didn’t know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldn’t say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested she hated California as much as Leo did, but she wasn’t exactly raving about it either. He did know a little bit about being homeschooled though. He’d been homeschooled up until RMI, and all his siblings still got taught at home. He could see why Myffi might have been ready to kick it to the curb. He imagined it would have been quite isolating stuck in some dreary village in Wales when you had to keep the magical world secret from all your neighbours.

“My mom’s a muggleborn. She wanted me to be homeschooled too,” Leo explained, “but I wanted to be part of the magical community.” He made a face at the thought of the naive kid he’d been. Leo hadn’t known anything about blood purity nor had he considered the fact that class hierarchy would obviously transfer from the muggle into the magical world. Leo had simply thought that magic made him special and once he got to RMI he’d find his place with the other magic people and it would be all fun and games from there. What a joke. His abysmal grades from the previous year proved he wasn’t even all that good at magic!

Attending RMI had still probably worked out for the best. His relationship with his mom was worse than ever and she certainly seemed pleased she only had to put up with him a few months of the year. Besides, Leo suspected his mom would have been an even worse teacher than those he had to put up with at RMI. He hardly ever recalled her performing much magic and when she had told him she was a witch he’d thought she was half-mad, until he’d discovered he had magic too. Leo didn’t get all gooey and tell Myffi he was glad they’d both chosen to come to RMI or anything, but it was true that Myffi had turned out to be a surprisingly bright spot in his otherwise gloomy stretch at RMI.

Leo noted that Myffi described the tents as ‘nice’ not ‘fancy’ or ‘homely’. Because at the end of the day a tent was a tent and the best you could hope for was ‘nice’. Really not a very brag worthy place to inhabit. He didn’t understand why Myffi always felt the need to defend the choices of her hippy parents like that. Leo never missed an opportunity to question his mom’s judgement. But people could get real touchy if you pointed out things like, ‘your parent’s have made you join a cult’ so he decided to bite his tongue. “Hey, if that works for you,” Leo said with a shrug of his shoulders, “who am I to judge?”

When Myffi listed all the things she did to unwind Leo nodded. Yeah, those all seemed like Myffi activities. He’d just thought she was super concerned about the vegetables but it made sense that she’d find nurturing them to be a good time for reflection. Personally, Leo wasn’t a big fan of self-reflection or thinking in general. He always ended up getting wound up about something because life sucks, you know?

“What about you?”

Leo balked. What about him? Leo didn’t really know what he did in his free time. He rubbed his nose suddenly embarrassed to speak about himself. Outside of Quidditch he mostly just slept and ate and punched things- none of which were conversation pieces. He sporadically turned up to Agriclub but he wasn’t really all that involved. Mostly, he just showed his face to support Myffi. It took guts to start your own club and risk being ridiculed so he thought it was only right that he helped out every now and then. Especially after she’d helped him so much with his studies.

“I guess...I like theatre,” he said with some hesitation, “I’m in the musical this year.” Leo had been a bit nervous about the size of his role in the musical but now that he’d gotten into the swing of things he was enjoying himself. Sometimes it was nice to pretend to be someone else. It always felt like there was so much noise in his head, so much to worry about, so many things to be mad at but when he was on stage he could shut that all out and feel calm just for a little while.

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