Iím not sure you understand about opinions
Thu May 17, 2018 07:07

Myffi nodded in empathy at Leoís mother wanting him to be homeschooled, too. Myfanwy had the best of both worlds, she supposed, by going to a Muggle school and learning magic secretly at home. It did mean that she couldnít share her enthusiasm about anything magic-related with anyone outside her family, which had been one of the benefits of coming to RMI. Also it had been difficult to tell how she was performing compared to other witches her age (average, it turned out). She was still just as unusual here as she had been at home, apparently - although why it was quite so unusual to advocate protection of the literal planet they lived on, with all its food and resources, was beyond her - but she understood wanting to be pat of the magical community. She could relate to that.

She could tell that Leo remained skeptical of her commune living arrangements, but Myfanwy was no stranger to skepticism regarding her lifestyle choices, or her familyís for that matter. ďI donít know if it really works for me,Ē she admitted. She liked having a variety of people around, and she had learned a lot from people she now spent summers and midterm living alongside, but sometimes personal privacy was also important. And walls. She was quite fond of walls. Tents were fine for the amount of time she spent in them, and sleeping outside among nature was something she genuinely liked to do, but not all the time. She couldnít live like that permanently. Sharing a building with a group of interesting people sounded far more appealing, especially if some land was also included so she could grow her own food, and maybe when she needed more freedom she could take off every once in a while. That sounded ideal as a future arrangement. However, for the time being, ďbut I donít exactly have a choice, do I?Ē Same as Leo didnít have a choice about sharing a room with his younger sibling when he was at home.

When quizzed on what he did to relax, Leo sounded hesitant as he claimed to like theatre. ďOh, cool,Ē Myfanwy commented with enthusiasm. Several of her Lyra companions were involved with the musical in some way - theirs was reputed to be the artsy house, after all - but she had not explicitly realised that Leo was among them. ďIíve never been to a theatre,Ē Myffi admitted. There had not been a theatre in her home village, nor in the small towns nearest. Her school in Wales had sometimes put on shows for the parents, wherein she was part of the choir, or sometimes a narrator reading from a script, and certainly never cast in a leading role, ďbut Iíll definitely come and watch you in the musical.Ē

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    Leo didnít know a lot about Wales except that they liked rugby there and had a lot of sheep so he couldnít say if California was any better but he suspected not. Nothing Myffi had ever said suggested ... more
    • Iím not sure you understand about opinions - Myffi, Thu May 17 07:07
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