Emmett Lawrence
A picture's worth a thousand words
Wed Jun 13, 2018 20:52

It was starting to get late. Emmett was usually an “early to bed, early to rise” kind of guy (he was already healthy and wealthy, thanks very much Mr. Benjamin Franklin, but he was hoping maybe the wise part would kick in), but tonight, the hours were beginning to roll by and he was still sitting in Lyra Common Room, with Holland right beside him. Everytime they shifted like they might want to go to bed, he made an involuntary sad noise, and so far they had stayed. It wouldn’t be like this for much longer.

No matter how much Emmett wanted to, it was impossible to ignore the fact that the school year was nearing its close, but this time was vastly different. Everybody was leaving him. Danny, Marissa, Rose, Holland - they were all a grade above him thanks to that damn September 1st cut off he had just barely missed, and they were all graduating. Why couldn’t he have been born a few days earlier, or been smart enough to skip a grade? Or why did they all have to be so smart that they couldn’t just, like, fail one somewhere along the line? There were plenty of grades, plenty of opportunities. All he was asking for was one!

He wanted to pretend this wasn't happening, but he just couldn’t. Not even for the night. Which meant it was time to do the thing he was putting off, because it was going to make it for real a thing that was happening. “Hey,” said Emmett, lifting his sleepy head off of the spot it had assumed on Holland’s shoulder as he got more tired. “So. I have a thing for you. It’s for your place next fall.” He reached forward off the couch and dug into his messenger bag, eventually pulling out a framed photo of himself.

“It’s my face,” he grinned. “I know that’s dumb, but I have a matching frame that I put a picture of you in. And they change colors when you touch them. So if you miss me, you can touch it and both frames will turn a different color, and I’ll know you miss me. Rose helped me charm it.” That was probably understood without him having to say so; both of the Lyras knew Emmett’s girlfriend was far superior to him in both intellect and ability. He didn’t know what he was going to do without her next year. Or without Holland. Or any of them. "You can change the picture if you want," he added playfully. "I just thought it was fitting. That way, I get to come too."

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      Holland was making the most of their last few days at RMI. For them that meant spending very little time in their room, and taking advantage of every second they had with people they wouldn’t... more
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