Aw, shucks.
Mon Mar 13, 2017 03:43

They hugged him.

A physical embrace from Holland wasn’t particularly uncommon. A one-arm hug here and there, something Emmett, who was generally fairly conservative with his physical contact, had adjusted to over the years. But this was different. This was more. It meant more.

Emmett had frozen for just a second before he now thawed, his arms instinctively sliding around the older Lyra’s back, squeezing gently. It was a little odd, hugging someone taller than him - outside of school, the only people he ever really hugged were his mother, who was about his size, and his sister, who was tiny - but in the moment, he hardly noticed. For once, his brain shut down. His worries went quiet. Peaceful.

“Thanks, man.”

Emmett grinned at his friend as they stepped back from him. Holland spoke so calmly about it, even with the bit of humor about punching “like a girl”. He didn’t know they did it; he couldn’t imagine being anywhere near this calm if it were him in the situation. Although he also recognized that really, there was no way he could even fully conceptualize what this situation was for them. Nobody ever said that straight, cisgender boys weren’t real. “Good plan,” Emmett replied. “I’ll do my part.”

“You okay for now, though?” The blond verified. He glanced around his room, remembering the mess as a plan of his own formulated. “Do you want to sleep over? I know it looks like a lot of crap, but I can have it mostly cleared up in like ten or fifteen minutes. We could have Danny come too.” They deserved a fun night with friends. Holland was a tough kid, but everybody needed support sometimes. They didn't seem too terribly shaken, but who knew what was inside? Emmett didn't want them to stress about it alone all night.

  • Couldn’t ask for a better one - Holland, Sun Mar 12 10:50
    Emmett’s room looked the way Emmett’s room always looked: like a reminder of why Holland had no interest in living with boys. The fifth-year followed their friend’s direction to sit on the bed... more
    • Aw, shucks. - Emmett, Mon Mar 13 03:43
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