Holland Keene
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Thu Jun 14, 2018 16:04

Holland was making the most of their last few days at RMI. For them that meant spending very little time in their room, and taking advantage of every second they had with people they wouldn’t regularly see next year. That mostly meant the underclassmen—people like Kaye and Marley and Russell—but also Ruben and Maverick, the other seventh-years who were probably going far afield.

Hence why Holland was still in the common room at this hour, with Emmett falling asleep on their shoulder. Holland didn’t usually cuddle with friends, but Emmett was an exception. Next year Holland would be living in the same city as Rose, and in the same apartment as Marissa, and they’d see Danny as much as possible. Holland would visit Emmett on Pearl Street too. It just wouldn’t be the same next year, when their best friend wasn’t just two flights of stairs away most of the time.

“Hey,” Holland replied as he started to get up. They watched with interest as he withdrew the present from his bag. It wasn’t wrapped, so Holland saw the picture frame and the photograph inside as Emmett began to explain what it did.

Holland opened their mouth and found themself temporarily unable to speak. That Emmett. He wasn’t the sparkiest wand in the store, but he was the best friend Holland could ever have asked for. They were going to miss him so much. He was their person. He was the first person they’d ever met who hadn’t made them feel like explaining their identity was a chore. Emmett had accepted Holland’s introduction back in second year at face value, never questioning or arguing with who they were. For the last six years he’d been the only person Holland knew they could always go to, no matter what it was they needed to talk about. Their other friends were fantastic and Holland loved them too, but no one else was Emmett. All at once, Holland was certain that they would never, for the rest of their life, have another friend like Emmett. And from now on, he wouldn’t be there for them every day.

They blinked a few times so that the room was less blurry, and preventatively wiped at their eyes without smudging their turquoise liner. “Emmett, it’s perfect.” Holland grinned. “I’ll hang it by my desk, and it’ll remind me I have the most supportive best friend in the world every time I look at your dumb face.” Although maybe they would swap the photo out. Marissa, Holland, Danny, and Rose were going to give Emmett a framed photo of their group at Halloween last year, when they had all dressed up as The Breakfast Club, captioned Don’t you forget about me, as a joint gift for their graduation. The seventh years already each had their own copy of the picture. Holland’s was currently pinned to the corkboard in their dorm, but it didn’t have a frame yet.

On second thought, Holland would keep the original photo in this frame. The Breakfast Club photo was a group thing. This gift was just between Holland and Emmett. “Thanks,” they said, their smile becoming slightly more watery. Holland leaned forward and hugged him quickly. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

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