Katherine Kendrick
It's been a fun ride [Darlene]
Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:09

Kit and Darby had been very successful in Operation Steal Darlene’s Socks and they were pretty sure that Kit’s roommate didn’t have any complete pairs of socks left. Annoyingly, this seemed like it hadn’t had one single effect on the relationship between Drew and Darlene. Kit had even tried pointedly mentioning that Darlene’s socks didn’t match in front of Drew, but he hadn’t seemed to care. That might have had something to do with the fact that Darlene wasn’t wearing socks as much, or because Drew was really dead-set on being Darlene’s boyfriend or whatever even though she was the literal embodiment of evil. Like if Kit were in a horror movie, she was one thousand and twelve percent sure that Darlene would be the girl who was secretly axe murdering everyone. Like in Orphan which Mom and Dad absolutely did not know that Kit had watched on cable one night. She wasn’t a big fan of non-animation to begin with, but after that experience she had sworn off of live action movies for months.

So now that Operation Steal Darlene’s Socks was coming to a natural end, Darby and Kit were brainstorming ideas about the next phase. Darby hated Darlene even more than Kit did and kept talking about eating her, but Kit knew Darby was totally joking. Tarantulas didn’t eat people. They could sometimes fire their super itchy belly fur at people, but they didn’t eat people. Kit could totally get behind the idea of Darby eating Darlene though. They had compromised on Darby doing things like whispering very creepy things in Darlene’s ear at night. With any luck, Darlene was now having super bad dreams all the time. There was no way to know for sure, but Kit liked to think that was the case.

They definitely needed another operating plan, though. Kit just needed to be very careful not to get in trouble, so she was pretty sure she couldn’t do things like eat Darlene’s homework. Even if Darby were to steal Darlene’s homework, he’d have to put it somewhere and that sounded like a good way to get them caught. Darby thought it was worth it.

“If she is no longer in school I can eat her,” he pointed out, clacking his fangs together meaningfully. Kit sighed. Darby was really into this eating Darlene thing. She was pretty sure Darlene wouldn’t even taste yummy. She was probably poisonous or something. Kit wouldn’t even take one bite.

“She won’t get kicked out of school just because I eat her homework,” Kit pointed out, pushing her red hair out of her face. “She’ll just get held back a year maybe, like Dade.”

“Then nobody will notice if I eat her,” Darby pointed out, helpfully. Kit sighed again.

“No, Darby, you can’t eat Darlene. She’s probably all gross and not tasty anyway. We have to do something else to -”

Then Kit heard a noise and looked up. Oh snap she thought, eyes widening in surprise as she sat up on her bed as quickly as possible and shoved Darby behind her back. How much had Darlene heard? She probably had zero sense of humor and wouldn’t understand that Darbles was totally joking about eating her.

“Hi Darlene,” Kit said super duper calmly and not at all like an evil villain welcoming someone into her lair. “The weather is very nice today, isn’t it? How are your socks?”

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