Darlene Knight
Sun Sep 2, 2018 11:38

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

Darlene was having a fantastic year. She was dating Drew Tennant, the most wonderful and gentlemanly young boy she had ever known. So devoted was she that she had even resisted the advances of gentlemen suitors back home over the summer. She was old enough now to be asked to dance, and she was, and she said no thank you. Drew was worth the funny looks. She was so glad to be back to RMI, back to him.

Darlene was having a terrible year. Her socks kept disappearing (super subtle, Kit), Claudia wasn’t really talking to her anymore, and the gross spider in her room just kept getting bigger. That was the main problem: Darby, as Kit insisted on calling the creepy thing. She really, really hated that thing. It ruined everything. As first years, Darlene had initially been a bit unsure about Kit, just because her enthusiasm and… Kit-ness was simply so foreign and unnatural to her, so beyond anything she had ever experienced in her rather sheltered life. But overall, she had kind of liked her. Kit’s spider and her strange attachment to it had spoiled all that, and it was a shame.

Taking a deep breath for strength just in case Kit and Darby were in her room, Darlene slowly and quietly opened the door. She wasn’t entirely surprised to find a conversation of sorts going, mostly because while she had never seen Kit talk to herself before, it didn’t seem like it was beyond her eccentricity. But the fact that someone else was answering was concerning, especially when the only other living creature in the room was….

Her shoulders dropped limply, and her purse strap slid off, the whole bag clattering to the ground. This noise seemed to alert Kit to her presence, addressing her directly (and mentioning the whole socks affair), but Darlene was completely frozen. The other voice, the one presumably belonging to the spider… it wanted to eat her. She had never felt such fear.

“Did… did that thing just talk?” she fumbled weakly, all color draining from her face, terror obvious in her blue eyes.

  • It's been a fun ride [Darlene] - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Aug 18 11:09
    Kit and Darby had been very successful in Operation Steal Darlene’s Socks and they were pretty sure that Kit’s roommate didn’t have any complete pairs of socks left. Annoyingly, this seemed like it... more
    • ................ - Darlene Knight, Sun Sep 2 11:38
      • Your silence is telling - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:43
        “No,” Darby and Kit chorused. It was a classic mistake. If Darby had been paying attention when Kit watched anime, he would know that questions like that were just a trap! But clearly Darby hadn’t... more
        • “No.” There were two voices. She couldn’t really pay attention to the rest of Kit’s fumbling over words, her gaze fixed firmly, terrifiedly, on Darby. Two voices, speaking at once. Kit was insanely... more
          • Showing might be more effective - HoH Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 9 09:00
            It had been such a quiet year that Garen was starting to worry. There had been no duels outside of dueling club, no fires outside of fireplaces, Drew hadn’t punched anyone, and Kit hadn’t caused any... more
            • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
              The moment Mr. Tennant stopped talking, Darlene burst into tears and threw her arms around his middle. It was unbecoming of a young lady to be so emotional, but she couldn’t help it. Darlene was... more
              • It’s only dangerous to go alone - Garen, Sat Sep 15 11:47
                Garen Tennant liked his job. He liked doing career counseling for the upper years, and coordinating alumni newsletters and events, and helping students who needed emotional guidance. It was... more
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