Your silence is telling
Mon Sep 3, 2018 10:43

ďNo,Ē Darby and Kit chorused. It was a classic mistake. If Darby had been paying attention when Kit watched anime, he would know that questions like that were just a trap! But clearly Darby hadnít been paying much attention during their break anime binges, which meant that now Darlene maybe knew that Darby could talk. But maybe not. Maybe there was still time to save the day.

ďI mean uh Iím practicing for the show,Ē Kit said. Despite being a Lyra, she wasnít very good at lying and her cheeks immediately turned red. ďSee? Iím a giant and like to eat people rawr rawr rawr,Ē she added, in a very bad imitation of Darbyís voice. Although Kit didnít have to be present for a bunch of rehearsals since she was just doing costumes, she had been around for enough of the show to know that there werenít any giants in it. ďA puppet show, I mean. Iím learning how to do puppets.Ē That was probably a worse lie, in part because Kit didnít own puppets and in part because puppets were creepy.

Darby shifted behind Kit, placing his two front feet on her thigh as he examined Darlene. He clicked his fangs together again. If Darby hadnít been so small and precious and fragile, Kit would have bopped him on the arm. They were trying to convince Darlene that she wasnít going to get eaten! Not that Darby would try to eat her in her sleep or anything like that, he was way too small. Kit wanted Darlene to be uncomfortable and maybe a little scared, but the whole plan had been to not get caught. Kit didnít want to get in trouble with Grandpa Garen again. Last time sheíd been allowed to keep Darby, but if Darlene went to Grandpa Garen and told him that Darby said he was going to eat her - Kit wasnít entirely sure if Grandpa Garen would let her keep her precious Darbles. But maybe he just wouldnít believe Darlene. After all, most tarantulas didnít talk, right?

  • ................ - Darlene Knight, Sun Sep 2 11:38
    It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Darlene was having a fantastic year. She was dating Drew Tennant, the most wonderful and gentlemanly young boy she had ever known. So devoted was... more
    • Your silence is telling - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:43
      • ďNo.Ē There were two voices. She couldnít really pay attention to the rest of Kitís fumbling over words, her gaze fixed firmly, terrifiedly, on Darby. Two voices, speaking at once. Kit was insanely... more
        • Showing might be more effective - HoH Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 9 09:00
          It had been such a quiet year that Garen was starting to worry. There had been no duels outside of dueling club, no fires outside of fireplaces, Drew hadnít punched anyone, and Kit hadnít caused any... more
          • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
            The moment Mr. Tennant stopped talking, Darlene burst into tears and threw her arms around his middle. It was unbecoming of a young lady to be so emotional, but she couldnít help it. Darlene was... more
            • Itís only dangerous to go alone - Garen, Sat Sep 15 11:47
              Garen Tennant liked his job. He liked doing career counseling for the upper years, and coordinating alumni newsletters and events, and helping students who needed emotional guidance. It was... more
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